First Russian word Bugs - oseda

First Russian word Bugs - osedaAs the Moroccan goalkeeper will lead the international trio of defenders representing Russia, Macedonia and Senegal? In search of the answer the correspondent "SE" spent an hour and a half behind the goal of "Spartacus", which was defended by Abdelilah Bugs.The first in the history of the Russian elite division goalkeeper from the dark continent debuted in an official match just 18 days after the first workout in the new team. Time to find a common language with my teammates was, to put it mildly, to spare. But some ways Spartak groped. Every little bit dangerous point at his gate Bugs desperately chanted "Hey-Hey", while pointing to his rivals and the remaining free areas. Observed personal treatment, indicating a rapid increase in understanding. The cry of a Moroccan "Hey, Max," and Maxim Kalinichenko at a corner obediently took the place which had ordained him with the 22nd on the back. And when Mitreski passed ball, a Servant of Allah (roughly translated from the Arabic name of Abdelilah) was confined to those that mumbled some words under his breath.In the middle of the first half, when the opponents have the ball, from the mouth of the Bugs the first time I heard originally a Russian word - "Oedi!" And then he heard a familiar "Hey, Max" - this time to Demenko. Other African partners by name wasn't called.Later in the course went English vocabulary - simple, however. The torpedo was going to break free, and Bugs, instructing partners, how many people have to get up the wall, held up two fingers and to be sure, cried out: "Two!" Then came the command "three", "four". In General, an oral account all right.Soon the favorable moment was missed Spartak. 25-year-old goalkeeper angrily threw up his hands. Then in such cases, he began to grasp at Golovkova Moroccan during break of Wallerstedt lying hit the ball a foot from the stands he heard the cries of fans: "Bugs-Bugs!" Recognized, therefore, for her.- I heard the screams, but during the game I tried not to be distracted, said after the match, smiling Moroccan. - Happy that I passed in Moscow. Very happy to be in "Spartak". In every match I fight hard and hope to look decent...By the end of the first half of the Bugs seems to have finally settled on the field and confidence. After removal of the ball Baranov he even patted the Belarusian midfielder in the head, and then, addressing the defenders, his arms - to say, as a transfer made?After the break, the greatest emotions in Moroccan, paronomasia several dangerous blows that caused the episode, when the ball flew into the net, his net after hitting Katic. Bugs resolutely rushed to the judge, but considering the already disallowed the goal for offside.When he heard the final whistle, Bugs angrily waved his hand - didn't win. And, accepting congratulations from his understudy Zueva, hurried to the center of the field to shake hands with the judges. Here the debutant was a surprise - he was awarded the prize as the best team player in Spartak. Still, the first clean sheet in the Premier League!And after the game revealed that the Bugs have progressed in learning Russian a little further than it showed on the field. He, as it turned out, in addition to the already known "osady" words such as "stroke", "left", "right", "left". However, all he says while in the French manner, with the accent on the last syllable.Alexander VISHNEVSKY.

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