Catan wants to England

Catan wants to EnglandMidfielder Haifa "Maccabi" Yaniv Katan has received a serious offer from London "Totenhema". According Haifa newspaper "Kol Bo", representatives of this club for a long time watched the game katana and a serious intention by the beginning of next season to have him in your team. As you know, even before the Israeli footballer received an invitation from the Spanish "Mallorca". However, he admitted to his friends that he prefers the English League. And if it's not going to be, he will remain at home. And that's a serious offer from the Premier League received.However, this does not mean that Catan next season will wear the t-shirt "Totenhema". As you know, in England there are certain rules to obtain a work permit. In particular, the football player who came to work in England, you must have a certain number of appearances for the national team of your country (not less than ten appearances). From Yaniv katana this number is much less and the short term it is unlikely to increase. Coach Israel Abraham Grant was not invited katana for the next training camp. And knowing the character of the coach the staff of the football Federation claim that after Catan refused on contrived reason to play in a friendly match in Macedonia, the road to Grant's team closed to him. So, the Katana remains to hope that he will fall under the new Directive, according to which three foreigners can be accepted in each team without the required number of appearances for the national team.

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