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Honored Roberto Carlos

Honored Roberto CarlosReally for whom 2002 turned out to be incredibly successful, so it is for the superstars of real Madrid's Roberto Carlos. The third victory in the UEFA Champions League, celebrated in late may, the Brazilian six weeks later and added the long-awaited world title.Was crowned the same year 2002 the inclusion of Roberto Carlos in the team However, the place of the Brazilian in this virtual team was not a surprise. Surprisingly rather overwhelming advantage to which he was ahead of competitors. Typing record in all roles 54% of the vote, left defender real Madrid became the most popular player in Europe."I'm not sure that this high rating is justified, says Roberto Carlos in an interview "And yet, it's great to feel the support of football fans from across the continent. Naturally, this can not fail to please me."However, the 29-year-old madridu honors not used to. For 11-year professional career, he managed to complete his collection a number of the most prestigious awards, including two titles of champion of Brazil, two Spanish gold medals, a UEFA super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup."I am very glad that I managed to make a career, " he says. But 2002, without doubt, was my most successful year. What could be better than winning the world Cup? I play for the two most popular teams in the world - real Madrid and the Brazilian national team. It's wonderful to feel the support of such a large number of people."In 1995, Roberto Carlos broke up with Palmeiras and went to conquer Europe. First it was waiting for the season at FC Internazionale Milano. "Leaving San Siro after the match, I saw many fans wearing t-shirts with my name on it," recalls Roberto Carlos. - Unfortunately, I do not have a relationship with the coach, and I was forced to leave."However, the bitterness of parting with Milan brightened the transition to "real". "First appeared in Madrid, I saw the best team in the world," said Roberto Carlos. When I arrived, the fans didn't know me, but they were aware that I popular in Brazil, but because I immediately sensed their impatience".And the expectations of fans were rewarded last 7 years Carlos remains the best flank player in the world. Playing in a team with other superstars, the Brazilian says that on the field and in the locker room his teammates - regular guys."When we are together, we are all equal, - said Roberto Carlos. - We have managed to achieve amazing harmony. In the locker room of real Madrid never have quarrels. The so-called stars walk the same earth, and all that. We are just members of one team".What more could you wish for the Brazilian? You really no longer remained unconquered heights they can only repeat previous achievements, and his talent is not disputed by anyone. However, like most good players, Roberto Carlos is still hungry for success."Frankly, the team is experiencing serious psychological pressure, but I do not get tired to enjoy this breathtaking Thriller, " he continues. - This season I really want to win the Spanish championship. We have to return this title to Madrid. It seems to me, after a bad start we managed to get the right tempo. I would also like to win the Champions League. But the priority, at least for me, still remains the championship." A born winner hard not to believe - hardly his "real" to be taken seriously in any tournament.Adrian Clark.

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