Goal David Beckham ensured the victory of Manchester United over Aston Villa

Goal David Beckham ensured the victory of Manchester United over Aston VillaThe exact impact of David Beckham at the 12th minute of the match in Birmingham has provided Manchester United victory in a meeting with Aston Villa," in the 30th round of the national championship of England. The opening match was for Manchester United. Beckham and van Nistelrooy did not give goalkeeper Aston Villa Stefan Postma entertainment. And on the 12th minute of the meeting would it be Beckham himself shot from the left flank in the goalmouth and was on duty here England captain sent the ball into the net past Keeper birminghamal.A quick goal by Alex didn't bother the owners and they rushed to recoup. Into the hands of the owners and was a sloppy game of Manchester United in defence, where decisive action was allocated one Rio Ferdinand. The home team was tasked to the Fabien Barthez: first, the Frenchman took the shot of Darius Vessel, and then the gate, "MJ" dangerous beat the Dion Dublin and Mustapha Hadji.The second half was less spectacular than the first. "Manchester United had controlled the game, but they clearly looked tired. The most real moment to re-capture the opponent's goal was a free kick, Giggs made. However twisted kicks the Welshman was reflected by the crossbar.Recent attempts by the hosts to save the game were not successful. Guardian of the gate "MU" and the French team eliminated encroachments Mustapha Hadji and Wright, who tried to force the surrender of a bald golikeri.After today's victory, the devils scored 61 points and continue the prosecution of the leader of the Premier League - Arsenal. Arsenal can recover your pyatiochkovy separation from Alex Ferguson's team in case of victory in an away match on "Blackburn"..

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