Jiri Novotny: I Came to Russia for new experiences

Jiri Novotny: I Came to Russia for new experiencesAutograph... Fifth, tenth, police major and Kazan boys. Interviews and photo for memory. In another photo, a few more answers to the questions Intrusive reporters. And all with a smile, which would be the envy of Hollywood stars. Nowotny, however, also star. He and it was. But in the Czech Republic. In Russia Legionnaire had yet to prove that the new perennial club captain Sparta Prague no mistake, buying a 32-year-old defender. To do this, however, did two matches. In the second of which Nowotny scored the winning goal.- How easily you agreed to the invitation, "Rubin"? Still novice teams in the elite division, " I said Nowotny, who talk in the room of the old antediluvian base of the Kazan club.- Know about it. So housing does not bother me. Good, of course, a little, but soon we will rent the apartment, and the team will celebrate the housewarming party on a new basis. In the winter I had the choice to Shanghai or Kazan. I stopped at "the Ruby". And thought long.- Why?- From Prague to Shanghai 15 hours of flight. To Kazan's family will arrive in 4 hours.- You will bring the family here?- Daughter 12 years old, she goes to school. So come to me with his wife, when in the Czech Republic will begin a vacation. Summer family will spend here on the Volga. Kazan, perhaps not as beautiful a city as Shanghai, but much closer than the Chinese metropolis.- Easy if you let go of Sparta?- I have given to the club for 19 years and decided to look for new experiences. I decided not to interfere.- Sparta was the only club in your career? Yes. With 14 years she played. At 16 I started to involve in the training of reserves, then the basic structure.- Could leave the Czech Republic before?- When I was 22 years old, was invited to Marseille, Bernard Tapie. But Sparta has requested with the French very much, and the deal fell through. Then called in "Istanbulspor". This too did not work.- Money played a big role in the transition to "ruby"?- I was captain of Sparta. The team often won in the Czech League, played in the Champions League. Its leading players earn well. That's why the money was not in the first place.- Sparta is a team that wins more often than loses. Rubin's unlikely you can. Ready for this?- Ready to help his team win as often as possible. I used to victories. Of course, the novice is difficult to occupy a leading position but to constantly lose to Jarosik on 0:4 we are not going (smiles).- "Ruby" - international team. Find a common language with partners?- We can not yet boast the perfect chemistry, don't always understand each other, but gradually, I'm sure everything will work out. Success in the first home game will become a single entity.- That feeling when scoring a historic goal for Kazan?- A great joy. It's hard to put into words, but I was very pleased with myself and the guys. Thought: well, the first step we did! Next will be easier.- Able to evaluate the Russian championship?- Not yet. Two matches for serious conclusions a little. But I knew that the strength and capabilities of your superiority is growing each year.- You inquired about Russia before leaving?- So I've been here! Sparta played with clubs from Russia, and in Soviet times often came to your country with a youth and Junior national teams.- Three years ago almost all of our teams played with a Libero. Now, even the new Premier League operates in the protection zone principle. And in the Czech Republic there are clubs who prefer to play with a sweeper?- These two teams, but it's not the giants.- Who is your ideal defender? Ideal no, but modern in style game Nesta impressed with me.- In Russian football and hockey now a lot of Czechs. Why do you think?- In Europe, clubs in crisis, and your sport is evolving. To us, it is easy to learn - the language can be learned, and countrymen, as you correctly noted, a lot.- Communicate with them?- With the Kazan hockey players with Czech roots that have met. The Martinec had known in the Czech Republic. Constantly in touch with Jarosik but the years spent in one club!- And with St. Petersburg Czechs connection yet?- Let's meet - we should exchange numbers. Petrzhela and ceps my old friends. They're coached Sparta. Borovi? ka besides - polyglot. Knows four languages.- The Petrzhela and Czechs who came to Peter, many experts believe, is able to return to Zenit leading position in the Russian football.

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