Game with Malaga became the hundredth for Iker in the first team of real Madrid

Game with Malaga became the hundredth for Iker in the first team of real MadridThis year marks one hundred years to real Madrid. And it is symbolic that the last match in 2002 against Malaga became the one hundredth for Iker Casillas in the first team.The TSA began on 12 September 1999, in Bilbao, at the stadium "San Mames". Then, in the third round of the championship of Spain on the main while goalkeeper Bodo Illgner was recovering from an injury, but his replacement Albano Bizzarri unsuccessfully prowl previous match against Numancia", so the goalkeeper has been entrusted to a third goalkeeper of the club, the young Iker Casillas, who was at that time 18 years - All the fans of real Madrid know what the game in Bilbao. To play there much heavier than even in Barcelona, so about the psychological state of a young goalkeeper at the moment we can only guess. However, Casillas with honor Prost the test, and this game has opened doors in the main part, the place where he ever since and until today never lost.Now he Gets only 21, but he is not only the main writetm best club in the World and one of the most titled players, but also an idol for many fans and current goalies. Career Casillas in Madrid "Real" is truly breathtaking: two of the European Cup, World championship, European championship, European super Cup, the Intercontinental Cup! And how many tournaments and victories Iker est Vereda! The other day Iker Casillas gave an interview in which he recounted about his past and shared desires and intentions for the future...- Iker, what can you say about the ending year of the Century?- He passed very quickly and you need to continue the case without stopping.- Have you installed a number of games that I wanted to spend, given your young age?- No. But I want to play as much as possible, because it would mean that I play. I'm just enjoying my football and I really like it. One thing is clear: in the day when I will not to get pleasure from football, I'll leave, despite her age.- Maybe people will say then: "He played all my life"... But it is clear that it may one day get bored. But I now it is not boring, although also not anything to think over such a long time.- Well do you remember your first match? A lot of things I remember from that match. Never forget the time I played on the dirt fields in the Third division and was suddenly at "San Mames" in the game against Athletic, which became my debut. After that, about fifty journalists ran up to me, I was in the spotlight, it seemed that the whole world wants to talk to me. The guy in eighteen years it was very difficult to get used to all these things, but I think I've learned all the lessons well.- What moments of the game was the most memorable?- Well, I scored two goals. First scored Julen Guerrero's free-kick and the other Jeremie own goal after the ball suddenly bounced from his feet. But I was very pleased with his actions. Toshack and my friends constantly supported me, both before and after the game.- It was said then that you could fend off the first ball. Now it seems that you hesitated to throw?- I think I could have done more in that moment, but slipped. Watching the playback, I saw my left foot slipped, and so I didn't get a good push off, and it was difficult to get the ball.- Which game have you enjoyed the most?- Undoubtedly, the first.- What match was the most successful?- On concentration and performance, the game this season with Mallorca on the Dream Moi". I was very afraid for the game, but things went well for me and for the team.- And when you made the memorable error?- In the match of Champions League of twms in the second season, in a match against Lazio at the Bernabeu. Then I parried the ball, but inexplicably let go. The player, "Lazio", don't remember who (it was Gottardi), only had to push the ball into the net. Draw 2:2 and five or six minutes before the end. Fortunately, the Figo has corrected my mistake and scored from the penalty spot, and we won 3:2.- When a goalkeeper makes this mistake, what's going on in his head?- I hope that the TSA will end well and the team wins. Then gtsi next game to show that the error was accidental.- What striker do you like the most or, better say, who causes you the greatest concern?- Batistuta is a player who I always liked. I admire when I see him on the football field. His dribbling, drive, his desire to fight, his aggressiveness is always a concern.- What Keeper can be considered as your idol?" For me the best is Buffon.- What kind of goals you conceded were the most beautiful?- I remember one from Dario Silva at the Bernabeu. Then we won 4:3 "Malaga" and he scored with a header. The goal was very beautiful, but the goalkeeper always gets mad when skips.- The game in Glasgow was the most memorable?- No, the most memorable were the games at the World Cup. It was a very important moment, because I'm about two months was without match practice, but I managed to exit to the previous level.- After your awesome game in the final of the Champions Cup, you could say that over you was your guardian angel.- Unusually, in the final substitution of the goalkeeper, but unfortunately, Cesar is injured. I went with SCTE 2:1 at the end of the match, when Leverkusen strongly pressed. I thought, if now would be a draw and we lose the European Cup, something that will remain in the past? These days could not leave the feeling that we almost missed the train. What has changed over the TSA this time, since you prechtl into the first team?- Came to fame, walking down the street people started to recognize me. This is difficult because I can't do the things that I could do before. - What would you like to ask Santa Claus?- To avoid injuries and health of my family and people I respect.Career in the First divisionseason 1999/2000: 27 games, 2379 minutes, 13 wins, 9 draws, 5 oraganisation 2000/2001: 34 games, 3037 minutes, 22 wins, 6 draws, 6 oraganisation 2001/2002: 25 games, 2250 minutes, 13 wins, 6 draws, 6 oraganisation 2002/2003: (to date) 14 games, 1260 minutes, 7 wins, 6 draws, 1 parageneses: 100 games, 8926 minutes, 55 wins, 27 draws, 18 defeats.

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