The super Cup. Lokomotiv - CSKA

The super Cup. Lokomotiv - CSKALocomotive 1 - Ruslan Pimenov 83 CSKA 1 - Jiri Jarosik bervy half-time: 0-1, 10000 tetelestai: Lokomotivnaja: Valentin Ivanov (Moscow)Penalty: Loskov - 0:0 (goalkeeper), Kirichenko - 0:0 (goalkeeper), Lekhetho - 0:0 (wide), Heinrich - 0:1, Izmailov - 0:1 (goalkeeper), Evsikov - 0:1 (goalkeeper), Maminov - 1:1, Solomatin - 1:2, Pimenov - 2:2, Gusev - 2:2 (goalkeeper), Ignashevich - 3:2, right - 3:3, Pashinin - 4:3, šemberas - 4:3 (goalkeeper).Warning: Maminov 23, Ovchinnikov 42, Kusov 48 Me 49, Ignashevich 50, Pashinin 59, Rahimić 63, V. Berezutski 69, 70 Heinrich, Solomatin 100.Locomotive: Sergei Ovchinnikov, Vadim Evseev, Sergei Ignashevich, Jacob Lecceto, Gennady Nizhegorodov, Oleg Pashinin, Dmitry Sennikov (Narvik Sirhaev, 72), Dmitry Loskov, Vladimir Maminov, Maxim Buznikin (Ruslan Pimenov, 46), Julio Cesar (Marat Izmailov, 46)CSKA: the Benjamin], Alexey Berezutsky, Vasily Berezutsky, Denis Evsikov, Jiri Jarosik, Juris laizāns (Andrey Solomatin, 46), Igor Yanovsky (Deividas Semberas, 77), Elvir rahimić, Rolan Gusev, Denis Popov (Sergey Samodin, 81), Alan Kusov (Alexander Heinrich, 64, Dmitry Kirichenko, 106)so, again, one question stood in front of the Russian fans of football who is stronger, "the locomotive" and CSKA? Three months ago, two of the strongest following the results of last season's domestic club embroiled in an internal duel to determine the best in the first draw of the football Supercup of Russia. This game is for a new prize though was a continuation of the Golden match of the national championship-2002. Then won the "Loco" under the leadership of Yuri Semin. But this time, it seems, Valeriy Gazzaev were ready to take revenge and win the first trophy of the new season. But...At the stadium were not very many fans - about 10 thousand football fans came to watch the opening match of the Russian football season. As reported from the stadium "locomotive" correspondent РТР-Спорт.Ru on the game quite a lot of militia, which, however, neither before the meeting, either in its course specific stiffness against the fans did not show. It is worth noting that Women's day in the stands were quite a lot by football standards girls cheerleaders.1-15 min. the Game started without intelligence, the teams know each other well enough. This is due to the weather and, in General, the state of the field. The army team in the first minutes look more active, but the dangerous moments virtually no neither one nor the other gate. Remember is that filing Kusov from the right flank, which, however, became the property of the defenders "Loko". The game, incidentally, looks quite tough, though the referee Valentin Ivanov, fixing violations, while no strict measures are not applied.16-30 min. In one of the episodes Buznikin took the game over and fouled. Ivanov was awarded a free kick. Really don't want the first game for the super Cup of Russia was held under the sign of rudeness. However, it seems, so be it. The railway workers were the first to be punished for his cruelty. First Julio Cesar dropped the right, but was not punished, but the violation Maminov against Janowski referee Ivanov assessed in a yellow card. Running 30 minutes a very dangerous moment was created at gate "Loko" but Ovchinnikov has helped the team.31-45 min. And the beginning of the last third of the first half was marked by CSKA and Ovchinnikov. Once again the army has played a great combination and Gusev hit the left corner of the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper of "Locomotive" correctly took the position and hit a difficult ball, which, by the way, ricocheting off the post. Fielders railroad workers play a very tough, on the verge of rudeness. And the shots on goal advantage on the side of the army men is 6:1. And another acute attack at gate "Loko" but Gusev, Kusov and are unable to handle the ball and failed to convert good opportunities for strikes. And on the 40th minute Gusev again failed to cope with flanking transmission and from the advantageous position has punched above gate. But the Czech rookie CSKA Jarosik confidently coped with the transmission after a corner, which played a loser Gusev. And in the 41st minute, the army team took the lead 1:0. Immediately the railroad had the opportunity to equalize, but Buznikin has failed to complete a great counter-attack "Loko" and, going one on one, missed the goal from a good position, only hitting the bar. The end of the half was fairly quiet, although Buznikin "ruined" another good point. It seems that the team is ready to continue the showdown after the break, in which the trainers will try to make changes in the course of struggle.After the 1st half. Overall advantage on the side of the army men and they rightly win. It's unclear what arguments but excessive rigidity, can show to rival the railroad. One of the arguments can be quite confident play on the goal line goalkeeper Ovchinnikov, but one day he is to save his team failed. In attack "Loko" as long as nothing happens.46-60 minutes After the break, Yuri Semin changed both of their forwards instead Buznikin and Cesar came on the field Izmailov and Pimenov. CSKA have one replacement - Solomatin out instead of Lisanza. The beginning of the second half was just as tough as the first half. Ivanov immediately tried to suppress passion, giving yellow cards the team Kosovo and Yanovsky. Players of CSKA again more actively both in defense and in attack. Loko Ignashevich earned a yellow card. On 53 minutes, a great time was had Loskov, but the kick] fought off and helped out the team. "Loco" is activated. Should another attack Champions of Russia and Evseev blow completed the canopy Izmailov from the right flank, but again at the height of the goalkeeper of CSKA.61-75 min. Beginning of the second third of the half was marked by two more warnings - Loko "distinguished" Pashinin, and CSKA rahimić. But the pace of the game somewhat and slept for scoring issues arises not so much, as at the end of the first half. Ivanov, by the way, don't skimp on a yellow card, two yellow cards shown to the army - substitute In, Berezutski and Heinrich. Semin has Sergeeva instead Sennikova, hoping to strengthen still attacking potential. But in the second half, the champion until it was really dangerous moments. However, CSKA's like waiting for the last minute, or to defend their advantage, or increase it.76-90 min.

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