Israel will not conduct a home games in London

Israel will not conduct a home games in LondonThe President of the football Federation of Israel Gavri Levi said that the British put forward such financial conditions, which has made the conduct of the Israeli team home qualifying matches of the European championship in the suburbs of London - Watford, unreal. According to levy, the city hall of this town - Watford, has requested the completion of the two matches with the national teams of Cyprus and France) 300 thousand pounds.As noted by Levi, in his opinion dramatically high financial costs - it's just a "diplomatic move" the British, who thus made clear to the Israelis that the football team will be in London unwanted guests.Gavri Levi believes that this position of the Watford became possible thanks to the powerful pressure of the representatives of the Islamic community in the city hall. It turned out that in Watford has a large number of Muslim residents and in the local newspaper they announced that the arrival of the Israeli team in this city "will lead to an explosion of public opinion".As you know, a month ago, the President of the Israeli football Federation went to England, met with leaders of the local football club "Watford", which promised to organize all the "best" in his 22 - seat stadium. "They were so friendly and welcoming that I really thought that there will be no problems". Let me remind you that not many months ago the London authorities refused the Israelites in the reference to make this city their home games. Now, according to Levi, "English", apparently, have to forget. Still Italy and Romania..

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