The prize Fund of the Cup RFPL will amount to $ 120,000

The prize Fund of the Cup RFPL will amount to $ 120,000At a press conference dedicated to the upcoming game tomorrow for the super Cup, Russian football Premier Liga, RFPL President Vitaly Mutko has announced that the super Cup match will be conducted on a commercial basis. The match should attract additional attention to the national championship, as it is a game-opening the 2003 season. The prize Fund will be divided between the winner and a finalist in the ratio of 3:1, so the winner will receive us $ 90,000. The loser will receive $ 30,000. The challenge Cup will be awarded to the winning team for one year, after which he returned to the Premier League, the club remains an exact copy of the super bowl 10:1. In case you win the super bowl three times in succession or five times in total, the prize is passed to the club forever..

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