Albania - Russia. Submitted to the arbitrator

Albania - Russia. Submitted to the arbitratorQualifying meeting between the national teams of Albania and Russia will serve the referees from Belgium. As the chief judge will field Paul Allerts. He will help Rambut Hennissen and Danny Vanderhoven.Alerts born 9 July 1964, recently launched his international career, however, managed to earn credibility in the judiciary in Europe. In recognition of the judge, the chief event in his life was the famous field of the stadium "old Trafford", when he served the Champions League match between the English "Manchester United" and Israeli "Maccabi" September 18 last year.Interestingly, in the international meetings that are running Alerts, always gets a considerable amount of goals. So, in 2001, the Belgian was assigned to serve the qualifying matches for the 2002 FIFA world Cup Portugal - Andorra (3:0) and Finland - Greece (5:1), and last year in the Champions League "Bayern" and "lance" netted each other three goals..

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