The opinions of real players on the match with Lokomotiv

The opinions of real players on the match with LokomotivRaul:"we Knew that if we want to win, have to endure a lot. Goal by Ronaldo was very helpful and gave us confidence. Lokomotiv have not had many opportunities to score, except for the moments at the end of the meeting. I think that the team thanks to his dedication, efforts, courage, combat, won a difficult match."What we have achieved the first victory in Russia, sounds like a joke. It is important that we were in Vostro best and again can compete for the Champions Cup".Santiago Solari:"We had to work very hard because we have not secured a place in the quarter-finals in advance. And it is always difficult to win."""It was a minefield. There were more craters than Mars. But we managed the game and, fortunately, we scored quickly and then led the match quite easily".Iker Casillas:"it Was not easy to catch the balls in such cold weather, and on such a field. My partentry did well, but I found it very difficult to repel all attacks, besides, my legs are really santrali. It was hard."""You feel bad when you struggle for an exit in the next round and widtsh just 0:1. Too bad that UEFA allowed to hold matches on these fields, when by the wayside depart other aspects of the game. Those who sit in offices should pay more attention to such things. This field reminded me of a field in my village, so I think we need to reevaluate some things. If this is the Champions League, you cannot play on these fields. We played not very well, but went further and can reach the final".Luis, Figo:"In such conditions it is impossible to play. It was very difficult to pass the ball, it's like playing on the beach. It was very hard for us and the state of the field was an additional problem. VST is us complicated the task. Fortunately, the match for us was great and we walked on. Russians? It seemed that they never fought, but I tried and gave us a lot of trouble in our penalty area".Michel Salgado:"Know that the game will be very difficult because of the state of the football field, but it is important that the TSA depended only on ourselves and we used our chance to score a goal."We knew that we would be able to win. Not hoping for anybody, because it's already happened in the match with "Bavaria" in the eighth year of winning the Champions Cup. We were counting only on themselves. We prevented a lot of dangerous moments at the gate, except for the moment from Julio Cesar at the end of the meeting. In defense did a great job and tried to play practical, because it was very important to reach the quarterfinals"."It was our first victory in Russia in very difficult conditions. Now I TSA not care who will be the quarterfinal opponent, do not want only Spanish team because of playing against other European teams more special."Flavio Conceicao:"it is True that we had a difficult game to play, which complicated the condition of the football field. Cost us a lot to win this victory, because our game requires a good state of the pitch. We did a great job in midfield, but I think that the team has completed their task and played well. Now I don't care who will be our opponent in the quarterfinals, because if you want to be Champions we have to win at all."Roberto Carlos:"it was a very difficult game in which the worst was the state of the field, but it was the same for both teams. "Real Madrid" was just better than Lokomotiv. The teams fought until the last second. I don't think it's fair to single out anyone individually, the entire team showed a good game. No one kept in mind the departure from the competition at this stage, were convinced that dobitsa victory, but... nobody knows what can happen."""Now I want more rival Manchester", don't really want to play with the Spanish team. "Barcelona"? A little bit later. I would like more "Manchester" or another English team, if Valencia will not be able to pass on, although I hope that it will not."Vicente Del Bosque:"the condition of the football field affected the development of the game. Lucky we scored the first goal and then defended really well. "Real Madrid" because of its history and performances in recent years was obliged to go into the quarter-finals."""Was a very difficult game against a rival that as a good athlete, fought to the end and on the pitch in a terrible state. So, I think that reaching the finals was a great achievement. We took a great effort to play the game, so excellent joint efforts of the whole team for 90 minutes gave us a pass to the next round"."We are very excited about this victory, we have achieved a very important result on a highly motivated team, which has demonstrated its strength. Need to thank the players for fighting and diligence"..

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