The Championship Of France. Events

The Championship Of France. EventsDmitry Sychev gets from l'equipe average in their team rating of 5.5. Smartino newspaper puts a 5.0, which is not enough compared to partners (Savio, for example, is 7.0). Actually l'equipe does not hesitate to be strict - the goalkeeper "Sochaux" Ivorian Ganoin receives from her 3,0.Victory over the club, who have suffered the seventh defeat in a row, displays the first "Monaco", which extends their unbeaten run to 13 matches.The series of defeats "Sedan" reaches five games."Bordeaux plays with Sochaux in France called him an "evil genius". Overall statistics of meetings in favor of "girondine", but the last time they scored a goal this opponent in February 1995 (2:1). However, half of the next eight seasons (including the current) "Sochaux" held in the second division."Marseille has conceded no goals over the four matches.In the "Le Havre" will debut well-known in Russia Milan Osterc. The Slovenian came out in the last seven minutes. "Le Havre" and now, as of Marseilles, four home wins in a row..

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