Yury Sevidov. Harmony tenth Bundesliga team

Yury Sevidov. Harmony tenth Bundesliga teamVery soon break out the matches of the Russian championship, so now we may take the chance to talk quietly about the February performance of the Moscow "Locomotive"-2003.In modern football it is difficult to overstate the role of the coach. Alas, the working conditions of our mentors and European incomparable. In Europe in classroom teams coach in each line there are 2?3 personality, which are a vehicle for his ideas. And coach with their help building the team as he sees fit. Feel players, comfortable and mentor, and the result is.And we have what are conductors? Any ideas? If every third pass goes to the podium. For clarity: in the West, the coach draws a picture of the game in variety of colors, and we have two or three colors at hand. As coal, mazacam-No, don't think, I don't want to say that we have the coach scarce because trainers are weak ? they simply have the material at hand. Useless. And all existing ideas, the mentor is not able to realize just because you have to dance from what is available. Will not in fact give a first grader a task for the graduate school.Here and Semin builds play "Locomotive", starting from its material, in a defensive way. First, the destruction still is easier than attack, and secondly, after retiring from the stage, "Spartacus", which places the angle control of the ball, teams came forward powerful, inclined to fight, able to endure. Real Cup tie fighters (it is no coincidence that "the locomotive" four times won the Cup of Russia). Here and don't need much skill. Most importantly, the organization was delivered well ? as a game, and neutralnych Affairs.This path and chose the "Loco". The way the defense organization. And reached here, it is worth noting that a lot. Semin promptly felt the winds of change and removed the last defender (it is now difficult to imagine that another year and a half ago the team was in the Chugainov!), going to a zone defense, preferring logical quantitative quality protection. Then another began to receive a quick transition from defence to attack, the pressure-But with the attack at "Loko" trouble! At least in the beginning of this season. Two pure striker for a team like Lokomotiv will agree, is not enough. Besides Semin's wards attack is more hope in case, there is little risk. Get lucky-maybe, but only to the one who's the luck he deserved. Remember: as soon as the railroad began in the second half of the Moscow match with "Milan" to risk, so immediately flashed their game with new colors. And the fans are happy! Playing against teams like AC Milan, Manchester United, real Madrid all goal miss. And sometimes two. In the face of such strong strikers like Inzaghi, Raul, Koller difficult to resist. We could not resist to Rely on defense, but this should be done not just blindly. The defeat of Lokomotiv Anji proof of this. No matter how customize your game in defence, and ahead still need to score. "Locomotive" for three games in a row can not hit the opponent, and this is alarming. Defense ? a good thing, but above all harmony. The harmony of protection and attack. And with modern scoring, when for the victory given three, and one for a draw (not like before ? respectively, two and one), this harmony should still have a slight bias towards attack.However, despite all the above, I want to say that, in my opinion, "Locomotive" has all chances to continue the struggle in the Champions League. Borussia can and should play. Seriously? Yes. But Lokomotiv are now in such condition that no one is afraid. Hands are not picking up in advance, as it was before. And about the "Real world" now don't need to think ? everything is staked Dortmund match. You just have to push forward, to take risks, not afraid somewhere get a bruise. All this will result in a hundredfold. Besides football players "Loko" receive a lot of money. I think somewhere at the level of tenth team in the Bundesliga. But does Dortmund have never lost a tenth of his team the championship? Lost. And more than once..

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