Kezman and his team

Kezman and his teamGame 24-year-old striker PSV "Eindhoven" of Mateja Kezman instills confidence in the bright future of football in Serbia and Montenegro has sunk into oblivion Yugoslavia.At the beginning of his football path Kezman managed to play for "Dir", "Radnicki", "cartid" and "Partisan". In 2000 he made a loud transition in PSV - sum transfers amounted to 13.9 million euros. Kezman fully justified the trust of coach Guus Hiddink and scored in his debut season in the championship of the Netherlands 22 goals."Here I have found his game and is willing to do very much, " said Kezman in an interview - Crucial role in the success of "Eindhoven" and my development has played Hiddink. He is a true teacher and a wonderful person. The coach treats us like his children, always ready to give advice and knows when to talk to the player individually"."If we deserve criticism, from his lips it comes out in a very relaxed manner, always the case, and in an intelligent form, continues Kezman. It adds confidence to fight for the championship. I have no doubt that we will be able to win the national championship. The only thing that bothers me sometimes in Holland is frequent rain and fog. In Belgrade, the climate is more mild".Now the case of Kezman are going fast uphill, but the career of the player was not without black bars. In 1995, he broke his leg and his football future was a big question. However, will power, strong mind and thirst of struggle did Kezman as we know it today.However, sometimes self-confidence turns into arrogance and then the inevitable situation akin to the one that emerged after the qualifying match of EURO 2004? with Azerbaijan (2:2). Then Kezman has caused an ambiguous reaction in Serbia and Montenegro, stating that he was going to leave the national team.Judging by the rumors, between Kezman and coach Dejan Savicevic was a conflict. But the player himself says that the essence of the problem lies in the professional field. "I think we have a very weak midfield, and without help from the midfield I'm not able to play good football," said Kezman."Perhaps I was too categorical in their statements after a draw match with Azerbaijan, but I was not able to cope with my disappointment, " he adds. - Actually, Mike team sacred to me. Yugoslavia has left a great football tradition and we are obliged to maintain the high reputation of the nation."Kezman will not be invited to the national team for the match otboronoe tournament EURO 2004 against Wales. But most of his concern was that he not scored for the national team of former Yugoslavia as regularly as on the club level at PSV."I listen very carefully to the advice of Hiddink. Then think about everything for a long time and try to apply it on the field, " said Kezman. - Now I try more to be revealed, and I made a lot more scoring chances. Upsets me that team play does not work".If you believe the rumors, the Serie a clubs are showing persistent interest in respect of Kezman. The player himself says he is ready to consider a tempting offer, but now is completely focused on playing for PSV, the club that made him a star.If Kezman will be able to utilize their talents for the benefit of the national team of Serbia and Montenegro, will become the new football idol of the young state and a worthy successor of the traditions of Yugoslav football.Aleksandar Boskovic.

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