Zanetti and Toldo ask forgiveness from tifosi

Zanetti and Toldo ask forgiveness from tifosiJavier Zanetti: "I'm really upset about the defeat, we upset our tifosi. But we must not give up. In the week I'll talk to the guys. There are still 11 games and we are able to regain the lead. This defeat especially hard for those who wears long black-and-blue t-shirt and interset in the shower. How do I".Francesco Toldo: Missed a fifth minute goal much summed up psychologically. In the second goal, in reality nothing could be done - blow Nedved was nebrasksa. Well, after we were all in front and tried to score a goal, but Juve scored in a counterattack. The first thing I thought after the game is something that we are very disappointed our fans. But we will do so to us простили"

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