Chernomorets. Now under the wing of the Governor

Chernomorets. Now under the wing of the GovernorDiseconomies Novorossiyskiy founded in 1960.In 1960 - 1991 - "Cement", 1992 - 1993 - "Ecris", 1993 - "Chernomorets".Best achievement in the USSR Championships - 1st place in the zonal tournament class "B" (1969) and in the second League (1988, 1989).The best result in the championship of Russia - 6th place (1997, 2000).Best achievement in the Cup of Russia in the 1/4 finals (1993/94).Stadium: Trud (12 000 spectators).The biggest win in the Premier League: 4:0 over "the Pearl" (1995), "Tyumen" (1997), "Wings of the Soviets" (1998) and "Dynamo" (2000).The biggest defeat in the Premier League: 0:6 - from "Uralmash" (1995).In October last year I asked the Chairman of "Chernomorets" George antoniana: when he believed that the team, successfully serving under his financial and moral guardianship in the first division, will return to the Premier League? The interviewee answered quickly and succinctly: "as soon As pulled out of the purse money and invested in the team." If we consider that the businessman invested "their money" since when "Chernomorets" miserably failed the season in 2001 and has dropped in class, such iron certainty could only envy.But during the above mentioned conversation Novorossiysk team already stood with one foot in the Premier League, disproving the dire predictions of skeptics. And Antonian with their fellow entrepreneurs, wallets which also lost weight, have already looked into the future and making plans for the upcoming season given its novelty and the additional costs that this novelty will inevitably bring. Plans were equally touched and future expenses, and structural transformation in the club, and composition of the team, able to fight in Krakovitch elite echelon.But the end of last year, when the euphoria from the quick return of team full circle, slowed down, turned out to be complex and uncertain. Evil tongues spoke about the imminent collapse "Chernomorets". They were especially inspired by the fact that it has been appointed as head coach Vladimir Shevchuk, having been in Novorossiysk for a week, back in the suburbs. Here's the buzz: say, I understand renowned expert what was happening, and began to take on a "hopeless" case.Nevertheless, the hope of antoniana urgently to correct the reeled financial position and appealing to the Affairs of "Chernomorets" the authorities of the Krasnodar territory, remained strong. And what he dreamed of, came true. Happened, one might say, a unique event in the football life of the Kuban region. The Governor in the presence of the regional center of an ambitious team, which, incidentally, is eager to break into the Premier League, became the President of "Chernomorets", so disliked by many fans of "Kuban". Moreover: allocated Novorossiysk club needed the money from the regional budget.Further - more. In late January, the documents were issued on the conversion of "Chernomorets" in joint-stock company. The main shareholder made by the regional administration. And work in this direction continues.And while there were changes in the club structure, the team regularly held abroad fees under acting head coach Igor Gamula. Was humming and selection work. The team joined several Brazilians experienced and, according to experts, it is highly skilful. Returned to Novorossiysk, where he once earned fame football, goalkeeper Levitsky and defender of Techwise, won at Spartak championship gold.Also survived last year's core. Veterans. But the old horse of a furrow does not spoil. In mid-February at the helm of FC Chornomorets Gamul, the remaining work in the coaching staff, was replaced by Valery experienced Bushel. Biggest miracles from him, apparently, do not wait. But that team is from Novorossiysk able to shoot, hoping, perhaps, everyone's a fan.Championship matches-tin.031-Shinnik (g)22.032-eurolan (e)6.043-torpedo (g)12.044-Zenit (e)19.045-acryla Tips (g)23.046-ICSCA (e)4.057-torpedo-Metallurgist (g)10.058-Spartak-Alania (e)17.059-Lokomotiv (e)25.0510-Saturn (g)31.0511-Rostov (e)11.0612-irubin (e)18.0613-Dinamo (g)23.0614-erator (e)27.0615-Spartak (g)12.0716-Spartak (e)19.0717-erator (g)26.0718-Dinamo (e)2.0819-irubin (g)6.0820-Lokomotiv (g)16.0821-Saturn (e)24.0822-Rostov (g)31.0823-Spartak-Alania (g)13.0924-torpedo-Metalurh (d)20.0925-ICSCA (g)27.0926-acryla Councils (d)5.1027-Zenit (g)18.1028-torpedo (e)25.1029-eurolan (g)1.1130-Shinnik (e)The basis of performances in the Championships РоссииСезонЛигаМестоОчкиМячи19921 (West)34363-3519931 (West)165121-Bereg Thurn. 537-1019941165103-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-542002127059-areentirely sostavlenii, Ivanov, Techwise, Cherkes, Gordeuk, presedo, majors, Nizovtsev, Augusto, kamoltsev, Terekhin.With the return Levitsky completely solved the goalie problem. A young but very capable Gerus, will apparently be his understudy. As it is impossible by the way had the return of another ex-Spartak - Tchoice. He probably will settle on the right flank of defence. Here can play the Brazilian Flavio Souza. The Libero position in training camp has secured Ivanov, but with Valeria of the Quadrangle there is Varlamov. The left back spot, apparently, is a Circassian, and the role of stopper will perform Gordiuk. However, and here the coaches are the alternatives respectively Belkov and experienced Snytko.The right and left edge of midfield, is likely to occupy the majors with Nizovtsev. To replace a first can come Surodin, and the second position in test matches, has not successfully operated the Brazilian Costa. In the centre of midfield out of the competition the team captain of presecco. Augusto effectively looked on for hitters." Gaining form and recovered Ayupov.The Duo of forwards kamoltsev - Terekhin demonstrated last season, when Chornomorets struggled in the Premier League, is ready to show goalscoring qualities and this year. But opponents of the Novorossiysk team also should keep in mind Piwka and Garin.Sergey KAPUSTIN.

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