In the leading European football powers comes Christmas break

In the leading European football powers comes Christmas breakIn the leading European football powers it (some already here) Christmas break. To the interim finish many participants of the championship Italy and Spain came up with a highly upset finances.For several days football press guessing on a blue garnet thick: whether there will be in Barcelona a change of government or to rectify the current unenviable position in the standings they are going to be with the former coach and the former President? The problem of "Barcelona" too at the hearing, to refer to them in detail. Confidently striding to the record Champions League (group matches Barça have not lost any points), the Catalans meanwhile atrociously bad play in the national championship. At last, the 14th round, Barcelona lost at home modest "Seville" with the account 0:3, and the fans, of course, such a blow could not resist. White handkerchiefs and shouting "Get out!" to the Joan Gaspart and Louis van Gaal ? it's still not the most powerful test, which had to endure the President and the coach of the club. Gaspard day before yesterday expressed head coach full trust, stating that the current crisis ? a temporary phenomenon and the team will be able to overcome under the guidance of van Gaal. And yesterday in support of the coach made the players: Puyol and Martinez, voicing a statement of the whole team, told reporters the following: "He ? the best coach. Sure that van Gaal will be able to save the team. All players believe that nothing is impossible in the circumstances to dismiss the head coach. And this is what we told the President of the club. To restore the reputation of the club, we must unite." While it is difficult to predict how the "Barcelona" will develop. It is obvious that in the next round of the championship of Spain "Barcelona" in a match against Mallorca will determine van Gaal. Perhaps the victory in this game will be able to cool the scandal surrounding a person's head coach. But in case of another failure, you can wait until an actual fire. Including the President himself. After all, dissatisfaction with Gaspar in the environment of the Catalan fans today no less than in relation to the coach. The situation of the President of "Barcelona" is compounded by the fact that the club hangs in debt 40 million, which under certain circumstances can become a trump card in the hands of those wishing to sit in the chair Gaspar. There is no doubt that, despite all the problems of the team, abound. The lessons of survival in the military field conditions, the management of the Catalan club should take from Rome Lazio. Short-sighted financial policy of the owner of the club Sergio Cragnotti, the bankruptcy of the company "Cirio", which owns a controlling stake of the Romans, as a consequence, a debt of $ 150 million, hanging on to the team, the inability to pay for transfers of leading players (him over, Gaiski of Mendieta, etc.), a ban by FIFA for effecting any purchases of players from Italian teams, the threat of the Italian football Federation to deny Lazio in the application for the current League season in Serie a; finally, the prospect of bankruptcy... In an attempt to collect and systematize all the problems "sky blue" has faced in the last two years and any Manager's head will spin easily. Well not had to, by all the laws of physics, exist "Lazio" in its current form. During the time that the "sky blue" live from one decision of the Federation to another, they sold first, Juan Sebastian Verona to Manchester United, then Pavel Nedved at Juventus, on the last day of the transfer period in 2002 left the team, Hernan Crespo (inter) and Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), which caused quite a shock among fans. Even coach Roberto Mancini in the hearts admitted to journalists that the parting with the leaders for him was a complete surprise. Whatever it was, but by this sale, "Lazio" was able to participate in the current championship and now shows stunning results. The appointment of Mancini's head coach was, without a doubt, the most successful managerial stroke of Cragnotti for the last time. Under the leadership of a young professional club of Rome is now in second place in the championship, second only to Milan. In the last round wards Mancini beat Juventus in his field, losing on a meeting course 0:1 (goal Juventus Nedved scored). Against this background, the talk about the sale, "Lazio" other owners sound like something serious. Although that soon the team will be up for sale, he said Sergio Cragnotti. Among the possible owners called English media magnate Rupert Murdoch and even Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Mussolini, so fond of "Lazio", on this transaction is probably spinning in their graves). However, if Lazio will put on the transfer list a couple of their leaders (for example, Stefano Fiore, who scored against Juventus two goals, or Dejan Stankovic), and selling them, will remain under the previous owner, it should be taken for granted. The issue is not about "Fiorentina", which caved in under the pressure of circumstances like a leaf and eventually went bankrupt. Sergio Cragnotti too often was kept afloat to wonder when he will do it again..

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