Stefan Effenberg hopes that Borussia will play in the Champions League quarter-finals

Stefan Effenberg hopes that Borussia will play in the Champions League quarter-finalsGame players of Borussia Dortmund in the penultimate round of the second group stage of the UEFA Champions League against FC Lokomotiv Moscow, where the German champion won a major victory 3:0, was highly evaluated by the captain of Wolfsburg" Stefan Effenberg."We saw a great football played Dortmund, writes former captain of Bayern Munich at the German sports pages of the site, and continue to hope that German football will be presented in the quarterfinals of the Champions League". Despite the fact that real Madrid is the main competitor of Borussia Dortmund for the second ticket to the next round of the Champions League from group "C" - took up over AC Milan (3:1) and continues to stay ahead of Dortmund at one point, Effenberg believes that the chances of the German team in the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Champions League after defeating Russian champion has increased."A week from Madrid to Moscow will be more problems with Lokomotiv than we had with them in Dortmund, says former playmaker Bayern, against such teams as real Madrid are not playing every day. The players of "Locomotive" was a strong motivation for this match: say goodbye to the Champions League on a positive note. Real Madrid have much more difficult than in a meeting with AC Milan. It's one thing to play on a cozy "Satiago Bernabeu" and quite another to act in distant Moscow with her unusual conditions and poor weather. But, by and large, all in the hands of real Madrid"..

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