Yury Sevidov: Our team will bring a splash in Europe

Yury Sevidov: Our team will bring a splash in EuropeA match "the Locomotive" with the "real" specialists gave football a serious cause for reflection. The railroad showed good football, but lost again, never hitting the opponent's gate - the reasons for this result it is worth digging.I'll start with "real". Moscow, of course, waited from the Royal club and more. But first, with all the stardom and staffing composition del Bosque managed to replace Roberto Carlos. Simply couldn't. So from the left flank threat to the gate "Loko" almost was not. Second, affected the quality of the field. No matter how you talked about the technique and tactics, when to play (read ? quality lawn), all these arguments are empty chatter. Field at the stadium "locomotive" is not technically allowed guests to show what they can do - it swam under my feet, and no sudden movements was not the question. Powerful football on that sour the lawn is a work of fiction.I would not say that the "real" sought to exercise some rationality and become a wall to protect his only goal. Still 6?7 Madrid are constantly trying to develop the attack. Yes and don't know how "real" play rationally. Not like there gathered the players! Just the field is not allowed "kings" to play the pass as they wished. Zidane more for the ball struggled, what worked Well and no doubt, after scoring real Madrid believed that the victory is won't give. Believed - and not given.Speaking of scoring the ball. Scorer Ronaldo was impressed that it was not involved in the protective action of the team. The Brazilian is one of the few players in world football who is entitled to it. He is the person doing the result. He doesn't need this fight for the ball. Hurt a little ? he will leave from the field, scored a goal - maybe a break is Unique to the player.In the "Locomotive" of their unique minds. The problem with attacking players that have not gone away - the seriousness of the gate Casillas created Midfielders. Function Pimenova as the attacker did not clear. If you play frontline, so Barreiros on the verge of offside, make defenders nervous, and don't run their own area to take the ball away. Frontline should be like Inzaghi. You gotta hold on, to wait for the ball and take advantage of every given you the opportunity. We have the same attitude to this position is fundamentally wrong. What's it worth? Why protection does not help? And he doesn't have to help! Sure, "Loco" and now would have made a splash in Europe, for its composition preaching ancestral centerforward game Obiora.What to talk about "best match" Lokomotiv (say, Semin's wards with real Madrid played like never before), it is all too relative. Of course, should thank Him for the desire for payback for what the team crumbled at 0:1 - it is Evident that the control of the ball at the railroad improved, and on the rebound (at random!) they have less to play - But we know that the wards Semin can play even better, and entitled them to demand this. Say, in my opinion, in a match with "real" need to make more use of the flanks. To pass in the center of the field was extremely difficult. Passage on the brow, flow - this is how we created all the chances in Tuesday's match. Blow Evseeva, goal, Ronaldo is Another thing that Lokomotiv's just not classy Midfielders Guseva level, able to perform not pass-crust, and a sharp shot.Another problem that must be resolved as soon as possible, is the performance of our teams in early spring. To complain and to sprinkle ashes on our heads - we can't play in March, we permanently lose is stupid. Then what happens: now Lokomotiv played bad, then CSKA, followed by someone else - We are currently underestimate the bar. Yes, 's tone is not enough, Yes, to trick nature is impossible, but you need to look for some moves! In our country great (one of the best in the world!) system of physical training to individual competitions. Invite specialists, work on the problem. Moan easiest. And then, it is worth considering too little get a break between seasons those Russian teams that perform well in European competitions. It is virtually absent. The player should not go on the field in a state of stress when on the ball not want to watch. Need normally to have a rest, gain of 1.5?2 pounds of excess weight, so you have to "round up"- Shortage conditions in the spring to some extent can replace the hunger for football. This is, believe me, the stuff is strong.

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