Sell Rebrov too costly for Tottenham

Sell Rebrov too costly for TottenhamA sharp decrease in the activity listed on the transfer market and not too favorable transaction for the sale of the Ukrainian striker Sergei Rebrov in Fenerbahce are the reason that "Tottenham" suffered serious losses in the first half of the season. For the six months to 31 December 2002, the club lost 8.6 million pounds, whereas in the past the reporting period, by contrast, earned $ 2.9 million At the moment, his annual income barely reaches 32.8 million pounds."One of the main reasons that the club was in the red this season, is a bad deal for the sale Rebrov, where the club lost to 5.1 million pounds. In addition, the collapse of ITV Digital in the UK and the reduction of some other broadcasting companies in Europe in the beginning of last year, the overall drop in the price of the players and the recent introduction of the limited time available for pre-applications is strongly limited the possibilities of clubs in the transfer," said Wednesday Daniel levy, Chairman of Tottenham"..

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