Rotor. Vladimir Faizulin: closer to the event, the more worried

Rotor. Vladimir Faizulin: closer to the event, the more worriedThe final stage of preparation for the season "Rotor" holds in Austria. Volgograd continue there unbeaten and full of desire to break the stereotype according to which "the champion of the offseason" failed acts in official matches. The team has completed, and therefore even with the January collection is engaged in the grinding slot connections.- Almost determined and the starting lineup for the first match in Samara, - said the head coach Vladimir Faizulin. - Perhaps, only three positions are subject to change. Have to make a choice between extreme Midfielders Trifonov and Skrylnikov, Gaidukov and Smirnov. Who will be better prepared, he will take the field. You should decide and with a second striker - partner Zubko. At this place two candidates - Mysin and Nizamutdinov.- With the departure Chichkina, Borzenkova, Pavlyuchenko, as well as a possible loss Zernov, whose contract came to an end, the club is probably considerably weakened?- The answer to this question can only be obtained during the championship. As for pre-season training, the team looks weaker than last year's. At the training camp in Austria are improving the game components, not forgetting about functional training.- The game "the Rotor" will undergo a change?- Will try to improve team interaction. Both in attack and in defence.- Last championship Volgograd scored a record low for the number of goals - 27. Who, if not you, the former striker, know better than others, whereby it is possible to strengthen the attacking power?- At the expense of unity, solidarity. Last year we had to reshuffle the squad, especially in attack, which is not benefited. Now we have the chemistry between the links, the composition is stabilized. Formed a strong enough Central link - Aldonin, Krivov, Esipov that determines the game. The same Krivov this time completely passed the preseason, and his appearance in the basis - a big plus in the organization of team work.- I agree with the opinion that the Central axis in the "Rotor" one of the strongest in the Russian football?- It is difficult to give a definite answer: at the training camp, we practically played with local clubs, and nearly everyone made a lot of acquisitions. But last season our axial line looked no worse than the teams that found themselves in the top six at the finish. On experience, teamwork and skill Aldonin, Krivova, Esipova again have hope.- "The rotor" has enough experienced defenders, but the defense has been the most radical changes.- To defend and attack obliged the whole team. Not going forwards to help the defenders, engaging in single combat with an opponent in the dead ball already in a strange half - backs could not withstand the onslaught. To a balanced team game and we strive.- Difficult start of the championship the physiological point of view?- The excitement, of course, exist. But at the training camp we played with very good foreign teams - winners or Champions of their respective countries. They were similar in class to our opponents in the first rounds. Of course, "Krylya Sovetov" and CSKA have a great selection of performers and pose serious challenges. But before going to the field all have equal chances of success.- You rarely made changes in the composition during test matches. The players got a full 90-minute load. The emphasis is not only on chemistry, but also on the functionality?- Definitely. If the team is not physically ready, what techniques and tactics she nor adhered to, to achieve a positive result will be difficult, almost impossible. In functional terms, our players, I think, are well prepared.- Tell us about the newcomers - the midfielder Skrylnikov and forward Nizamutdinov.- The first is an experienced footballer who played in the "Lada". The interest showed Spartak Moscow, other clubs. We can already say: the midfielder will greatly enhance the team. As, however, and striker Nizamutdinov with scoring instincts. Believe that both players will fit into the lineup.- The first time you are managing a team, beginning with the pre-season training". The burden of responsibility does not press?- The closer the championship, the greater the excitement. But stiffness in professional terms do not experience.Alexander MELNIKOV.

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