CL. Arsenal - Roma: match report

CL. Arsenal - Roma: match reportRoma could not afford the second year in a row to fail the second group stage of the Champions League. This is very clearly stated Fabio Capello, the purpose of which was solely to win at Highbury. And this despite the fact that, as admitted by the Capello Arsenal is one of the strongest clubs of the Old world. However, such a result would not be supersensitive; London club tend to stumble at the most crucial moment, as it was last year, in the fifth game of the second group stage against Deportivo, which the gunners lost at home. Very much inspired fears Arsene Wenger, even the fact that this year Arsenal plays better away than at home. At the last moment, the French coach still managed to breathe more freely; at the last moment it became clear that the "Highbury" will be released by Henri and Kyon, who received minor injuries. The loss was the absence of Campbell instead which came with Pascal Cygan.As expected, the match clubs started very actively. By 5 minutes, the team gave on one corner. In the "Arsenal", as always, differed Henry, who from the first minutes began to torment the defense of the Romans. In the first minutes of "Roma" is also not sit in the defense, trying to actively connect cafe, in the center turned battle between Brazilian Gilberto Silva and Emerson. Roman the Brazilian tried to help their attacker, but soon he was forced to concentrate on defensive functions. In the first ten minutes the team was given to understand that are more than serious. The result of this activity became a goal scored by the hosts. Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who plays on an unusual left-back instead of the injured Ashley Cole, filed with corner Patrick Vieira, the captain of Arsenal's head sent the ball into the goal. Round projectile was close to the Roman goalkeeper, but that was not possible to strike down the Frenchman.After the goal, Arsenal were not going to drop the revs. Roma also missed the ball has discouraged, especially team captain Francesco Totti. Apparently, not yet cooled after the Rome Derby, Totti began to regularly encounter Kiona, and finally, unable to restrain himself, struck in the face while riding the struggle. Experienced URS Meier had no doubt, before Totti light turns red. This loss could be decisive for Roma, the captain is the driving force of the team, and his departure from the field more than twice weakened the Italian club.For some time, "Roma" could not find myself, to change tactics. Immediately Arsenal began to settle, and the defense of the club of Rome was in trouble. Moreover, the Italians were not to withstand nerves; Cassano has received a yellow card for showing dissent. Soon followed his example van Bronckhorst, who raised his leg above put in the fight with Tomassi. The situation had obviously escalated what was on hand won with Arsenal. The game at some point ceased to be happening on the field could be called a showdown. Until the end of time received a yellow card and Walter Samuel. To all that is happening was not the case only Thierry Henry, who in his typical style-torn Roman redoubts. Dangerous situations "Arsenal" did not create, but had the game under control, and the defense of the club of Rome in tension. It seemed the first half would end with the minimum advantage, but something unexpected happened; the hero of the Rome Derby Cassano managed to restore the status quo that shocked the English fans and players themselves, who had not expected such a trick from a young hitter. And Cassano made everything very relaxed; receiving the ball from Emerson, he ran around Simena and rolled the ball into the net. So, the teams went into the break a completely different mood. Arsenal absolutely stunned was to meet within fifteen minutes, Roma were able again to have faith in the ultimate success in the fight.In the second half, the pattern of the game remained unchanged. The gunners possessed everything; the territory's advantage, but goals were a long time. Arsenal acted in his repertoire, blanking one point after another. Roma snapped very rare, and not too dangerous, but all could change in a single moment, as they say, the game was up the first goal.Game Italian club a bit more active with the release of mentally that its activity was trying to make a imbalance in the actions of the defenders of the British. After hours of play, the pace was subsiding; the team was preparing for the crucial last minutes."Arsenal created a wonderful moment in the 76th minute. Blow yungberg young goalkeeper saved brilliantly, and Jeffers didn't cope with the bounce of the ball. Arsenal continued pressing; 88th minute as a gesture of despair, Wenger released Kanu instead of Lauren. Arsenal all the forces rushed forward, but in vain, "Roma" braved. On the fourth added minute last chance Kanu missed - his header was inaccurate.Despite the crazy the difference in shots on goal - 10 - 1 in favor of the Arsenal score was equal. The Romans were able to perform the feat, defending an important point and may be rewarded for it in the last round of the second group stage..

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