Florentino Perez: Raul is our player-character, the myth and the legend of madridismo

Florentino Perez: Raul is our player-character, the myth and the legend of madridismoYesterday, the birthday of the real Madrid President Florentino Perez gave a festive interview in which he recalled the past, talked about the present and looked into the future led them to the Royal club.- You were born nine months before the opening of the "Santiago Bernabeu". Remember how you first came to the Shrine of Madrid "real"?- Yes, in 1951. I was four years old and dad by the hand privtl me there. I had a lot of excitement from the spectators, from the ball, which seemed to rise straight to the heavens. As the pilot flies up to the sky. So I began to understand the magic of the "Bernabeu". I remember we were sitting in the stands, which is now under the bed. There was my whole family. Those were good times...- You caught the end of an unsuccessful bremt for the club (14 years without winning the League and "Franco" period") and have seen the game, Di Stefano, Puskas... Yeah, I was rewarded with this privilege. Saw Di Stefano, I was six years old and I already knew a little about. I remember all of won the European Cups and saw almost all the games.- All these players privtl don Santiago Bernabeu... And also raised their heroes, for example, the Central defender Santamaria.- Our Santamaria is our Hierro. In the history of real Madrid's defenders come from the Cantera. Large purchases were only in the forward line. We always wanted to give our attack entertainment. But this does not mean that we have something against buying Central defenders.- Or have if they don't buy.- I don't discuss it ever, you do. I say traditionally, our purchases are based on attacking players. No need to join in the debate about the Central defender. From the outside it seems that we don't want to buy defenders. Gentlemen, strategy guide this club is that we rely on the help of great players and players from the Cantera. Point.- You bought Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo, and want the club has no debts. But, in this case, when the revenues exceed the costs?- In the 2003/2004 season. Will be the first year without extraordinary costs. "Madrid" should savings for the family. If we earn more than they spend, the TSA OGTT well.- Today (Thursday) the club celebrated its 101 years, but the economic situation until it seems razreshennoi.- See: thanks to the sale of "Ciudad Deportiva" we improved the club's accounts, we have paid all our debts and now revenues remain in our Treasury. For example, when we have finished work on "Santiago Bernabeu", the expenditure amounted to 100 million Euro 166 million, as we expected, and insert it through the members of the club. The 120 hectares of the future "Ciudad Deportiva-II", the first stone of which we laid at the end of the year, lifted us up to heaven. Going to be something awesome.- How would you rate two and a half years of Your Board?- I was saying that to be President "Madrid" is not so difficult. I took the challenge to improve and adequately to improve the picture of the club, and I did it. Perhaps something was not reached, but my experience and my knowledge will be useful to the club. I only want to target "Madrid" on the way to the club members did not went away. It is not demagoguery, it is our identity. It is something more than to buy Figo, Zidane or Ronaldo.- You are sometimes called "team galactic". Feel like the President of the Galaxy?- There were people who asked me: "you bought a Figo with such debts?". This is the flip side. If you make large purchases, will increase increase assets and increase revenues. I think that the match against racing" would have collected a full stadium, if it hadn't been for this team? If you do not invest, then nothing will get. This year we have invested 40 million of its own funds. That is the key to success.- Yes, but if not goal Portillo Borussia Dortmund, the club would be relegated from the main European tournament.- Yes, it was a difficult situation, but what we should have done is done and now we need to win, "Milan" and Moscow "locomotive". And now has nothing left to ponder what would happen if Milan or we lost to Borussia Dortmund.- You care about the return of Redondo on the "Bernabeu"?- No. The return of Redondo on the "Bernabeu" is fun for all madridistas. Two bad for him of the year is behind us and "Madrid" always helped him during his rehabilitation period. Redondo forms part of the history of real Madrid.- What if Portillo peratt to Barca?- Don't see that Portillo somewhere ugtt, and see that this guy has a goal to win with the "Madrid". This is a great quality. At this age some people are chasing millions of rabid, you have swirling around in their head, but it is so formed that knows what he's going to win here. He needs love and support, "Madrid" he provides. Economic issues are not mentioned here. Those who are here - must be satisfied that there are, and those who are not - our doors are open. Although I don't know of any player who wanted to leave real Madrid.- Already renewed the contract with Raul?- There is no doubt that Raul is our player-character, the myth and the legend of madridismo.

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