Arsene Naidenov: From the bridge of the Pearls I cannot get away

Arsene Naidenov: From the bridge of the Pearls I cannot get awayThere is a sense that their love affair with the "Pearl" will never end. Came three times in the Sochi team Arsene Naidenov: first removed her from second division football (where it stayed for almost a decade, then took off from first to second. Now again could not resist took over the business and dreams of winning, have in tridtsatigradusnuyu heat under the sound of the waves and honks of passing the Sochi stadium locomotives.- As soon as football people start to forget who Naidenov, you seemed eager to remind yourself. Why do you have a second League team?- This is not a team in the second League. This Is "Pearl"! As long as health permits, I will honor you for the honor to lead this club. And health now, thank God, allows. Sat idle, and now I'd be working. But in the Pearl, it seemed that no one was waiting.- Must say thanks to a well-known former player and now a football businessman Nazar Petrosyan. He was negotiating with the founders of the club and solved organizational issues associated with my appointment.- What a legacy you've got there?- Heavy. Base does not function, even heat turned off. But still have young players, of which it is possible to form the backbone of the team. There would be money... is money Again! You essentially become the only captain of a sinking ship?- But someone needs to rescue the schooner called the Pearl?! Yes, again there is no money. But there is hope that they will still appear. Waiting for private financial investments, assistance from the city. And while the food team for 800 roubles a day from the means, so to say, brought me from the side. Generally speaking, the money in football are generally reluctant to invest. It's good that the Governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev understands the importance of the moment and gives abyss "Chernomorets" with "Kuban". This man wants to bow from the waist.- As well Tkachev "the Pearl"-that doesn't help?- It is possible to understand: we're not playing in the Premier League. In addition, I went to him with this request. But if asked, the Governor, as a visionary politician and a big fan of football, I think, would not be denied. Still eight seasons, during which "Pearl" thundered all over the country, is something, but worth it. And these times, I am sure, will definitely be back.- Do you really was going to Sochi to the elite club?- If funds are available for three years. The team is already starting to show a good game, although consists of raw youth and four veterans: Medvedev, Kuznetsov, Denis Ledovskikh and Logician.- Do the same Gocha?! How old is he?- I don't know. Forty-five, probably (laughs).- What training fields and several soccer schools, formerly under the tutelage of "Pearls"?- Lawns in Kudepsta will do. Schools will deal with later - now, to be honest, not to them. Where my predecessor - Nazim Suleymanov, don't know, but it helps me, like old times, Yuri Nesterenko.- Play will be at the Central stadium?- The stadium is another story. He, as you know, is in Federal ownership, and to redeem the arena of the state has almost no chance. However, it can be rented. I found investors willing to bring in the divine form field and running track. Now in Sochi could train the national team in athletics! But the feds are like dogs in the manger: do not do anything and others are not allowed.- Judging by the expression in your words, in recent years, you have changed little.- Why Naidenova to change?! More important to Sochi to return the real live football.Eugene ZYCZKOWSKI.

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