Aigner announces resignation

Aigner announces resignationThe managing Director of UEFA Gerhard Aigner will retire in December of this year.59-year-old German today announced to the UEFA Executive Committee that will not qualify for an extension of its contract, which ends on 31 December. Aigner explained his decision to a desire to spend more time with his family and "special interests".Aigner, who works at UEFA since 1969, he headed the administration in 1989 as Secretary-General. Since 1999, after the reorganization of the UEFA Aigner became the first managing Director of UEFA. Today, the German announced his decision to retire at the age of 60 years."I am completely satisfied with his career in the League over the past 33 years, and I think the organization is ready for the challenges of the future," said Aigner. He stood at the head of UEFA at a time when the European football Union was forced to seriously restructure in order to adapt to the requirements of the modern market."I have a young family and other private interests, and I intend to give them as much time as possible. I'm sorry I couldn't do before, " added Aigner. - I will work at full capacity before the end of the year, and in close contact with UEFA President will ensure a smooth transition of power."During his 33 years in the League, a native of Bavaria Aigner has witnessed the metamorphosis of a simple administrative authority in the modern business organization with its own headquarters in the Swiss city of Nyon, on lake Geneva.Career Aigner began on 1 October 1969 as Secretary of the Department of youth competitions and judging. He soon was head of competitions, and January 1, 1989 was replaced by the Swiss Hans Bangerter as Secretary-General of the organization.Devoted to the game fan, and last - Amateur player, children's coach and judge, - Aigner has played a crucial role in establishing the League as a modern organization, every match under the auspices of which takes place at the highest level.In 1995, the headquarters of UEFA moved from Berne to Nyon is a small town located near Geneva. After four years in temporary premises, the European football Union has finally moved into his new residence on lake Geneva. Now in the house of European football employs approximately 200 people. In 1992 passed the first tournament of the Champions League, which along with the European championship is one of the largest tournaments in modern sports.The last 12 years Aigner worked side by side with UEFA President Lennart Johansson. "Gerd Aigner - my friend, a true professional and loyal servant of European football," said the Swede, who became UEFA President in 1992."His energy, dedication and vision are key to the success of UEFA in the last three decades, " said Johansson. - At the same time, Gerd is a family man, and I respect his decision to spend more time with family. It's a loss for European football, but for his family. We wish her all the best."".

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