Arsenal runs fast, but slowly thinks

Arsenal runs fast, but slowly thinksThe third round of the Champions League changed the leader in group B. "Ajax" became the first in the first three matches. For this he had a draw at Highbury in the match against Arsenal. The idea is that this match was supposed to be the most interesting of all meetings Tuesday. Both teams have attacking football, both ready to play to win at home and away, both have to score points, as on the heels of them is "Valencia". Unfortunately, the players, and Ajax, and Arsenal can run very fast, and I think it slow down. So the match was fast, but stupid. At the level he was clearly inferior game, "Barcelona"-"inter". The account was opened very quickly. Arsenal held a classic for the attack. Wiltord in it ended up on the right edge of the penalty area in absolute solitude after a clever pass Bergkamp and easily beat Lobont. But almost immediately "Ajax" recouped. In de Jong's position was much less favorable than Wiltord, but he still was able to throw the ball over David Seaman. The match started so promising, these goals and eventually ended. Ajax had more possession, Arsenal attacked more, but the dangerous moments was not so much. The most dangerous of them appeared in the 72nd minute when Bergkamp struck a very unexpected shot on goal LaBonte. Romanians nothing we could do about that and just watched the ball, caught the post. At the end of the game closer to victory was already "Ajax". Substitute Bukhari was not able to get into the empty goal after a cross from the right. The match ended with the score 1-1. The Dutch and English caught up with Valencia, which, as expected, won the "Stadio Olimpico Roma. The fate of the match, which was the most boring day, was solved in the 78th minute. John Carew kick from the left flank caught unawares Pelizzoli. Wiltord, 5 - de Jong, 17 Carew, 78 UNPM 1. Ax 1 1 0 4-3 5 2. Arsenal 1 2 0 4-2 5 3. Valencia 1 2 0 2-1 5 4. Roma 0 0 3 0 2-6.

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