The Barcelona guide refutes the rumors about the dismissal Rexach

The Barcelona guide refutes the rumors about the dismissal RexachWho does not remember the suffering of Carles Rexach? In his time he was the acting head coach of the Spanish "Barcelona". Then from this position he was transferred to another - have held a senior position at the club. Of course, because of inadequate results from one of the European giants. However, if you do not abstract away from objectivity, it must be admitted that the reference to incompetence Charlie hardly withstand criticism. Rather, the poor results of the "blue garnet" were the result of chaotic (another word) transfer policy of the club.Since then much water has flowed under the bridge. Catalan is now the squadron is headed by Radomir antic, and Rexach continues to occupy the post. And the club through his Director-General Javier Perez Farella categorically deny the rumors about the dismissal Rexach. He continues to serve as the sports Director of the club and is going to leave Barca in June. Acting President of the Catalan club Enric Reyna, along with his team believes the nonsense further stay Rexach at the club, but believes that a separation must honor him properly, referring to the services rendered to the last Barca as a player and coach..

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