We can even arrange a draw in Dortmund

We can even arrange a draw in DortmundIn the group With the second group stage of the 2002/03 UEFA Champions League left to hold four matches. Each of them can be three outcomes (win both clubs and a draw). Therefore, the possible options turns 81. Of them Lokomotiv able to qualify for the next round only seven. Given the forecast of experts "SE" on the outcome of all four games, the total probability of "Loco" in the 1/4 finals is only 1,72% (AC Milan have already secured their continued participation in the Champions League for real Madrid favorable 53 outcome - 77,36% for Borussia Dortmund - 21 - 20,92%).Of course, the chances of the champion of Russia are small. But they are there! And it's only four months ago proved himself "the locomotive". Then two rounds before the end of the first group tournament situation in group H was an exact copy: "Barcelona" (with whom, as with Milan, the railroad played twice) with 12 points, ahead of schedule to become the first, the "Bruges" (now - "real") had 5 points, Galatasaray (Borussia Dortmund) - 4, "Locomotive" is just 1. But Loko, winning the last two games (he is now again have first to play at a party, and in the last round - house), ahead of Turkish and Belgian clubs.So, in which cases "the locomotive" can reach the quarter-finals? Possible options should be divided into three groups.1. Lokomotiv ahead on points and real Madrid, and Borussia Dortmund (4 options - 1.12%).Conditions: Muscovites win both games, "real" will not take home the three points in the match against AC Milan, Borussia't beat the Italians.2. "Locomotive" is gaining as many points as Borussia (7), which is ahead on goal difference and goals conceded in personal meetings (2 options - 0.48 per cent).Condition: for Lokomotiv and real Madrid are the same (see above), Borussia wins the "Milan". In this case, Loko must win in Dortmund with a difference of at least two goals. Maybe one, but they scored three or more goals (3:2, 4:3, and so on). If the "Borussia" and "locomotive" will play with the score 1:2, I need to count the total goal difference and then the number of goals scored. In this embodiment, one output: the difference of both clubs will be the same (5 - 7), and "Loko" has to win the "real" larger than the "Borussia" - "Milan", or to play more effective when victories with the same difference.3. Three clubs gain an equal number of points (5), and "the locomotive" ahead of real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund on goal difference and goals conceded in personal meetings (0.12 per cent).Conditions: "the locomotive" played a draw with Borussia and plays with real Madrid and the German and Spanish clubs lose to Milan. However, in this situation, "Loco" need to win "real" difference with at least two goals.Pavel OSIPOV.

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