Oleg Romantsev: Finally we received from Brazil what you need

Oleg Romantsev: Finally we received from Brazil what you needThis season before head coach of the red-whites are not only the tournament tasks. Updated in the offseason Spartak need to put team play. And the best Director of this game than Romantsev, in Russia.- Congratulations not so much the win but the game is of good quality. Are you satisfied with the performance of my team?- We had glimpses of that game to strive for. Me from the first minute had a feeling that we will win. Although the opponent was very good, our team started the match with a proper mood. At the installation I told the players banal phrase that is often repeated: "Yes, we are higher class, but the main thing is not to give your opponent the desire to win. Our class will appear only when the mood will be high". In my opinion, players have correctly understood these words.- Out on the field Titov and Vashchuk in the second half was planned in advance?- Yes. Whatever the result of these masters should be given the opportunity to restore the former condition, coming through a practice game.- When, in your opinion, Titov and Vashchuk will be able to play 90 minutes?- It depends on the individual characteristics of each organism and psychology.- The Brazilian Robert has surprised you the fact that quickly settled into his new team and scored a goal on the seventh day of stay in Russia is one of the most complex in terms of acclimatization?- Robert was pleased. Finally we received from Brazil striker in this class, which is expected.- How do you assess the debut of another Brazilian defender luisГЈo?- LuisГЈo played reliably and well, which, however, I was not too surprised. He looked good in training as well. This defender has a great potential. While luisГЈo are afraid to be active in the attacking game, but hasn't lost anyone riding duel and not inferior to anyone in speed.- When you heal the injured Moises?- It's hard to say. There are fears that soon. MoisГ©s missed a lot of workouts in spring training, and now he has a whole bunch of ills.- For post number one was worried before the game?- No, because Alexey Prudnikov said Bugs is a good goalkeeper, and I believe him. In this matter he is our main specialist.- Before the match you reminded the team that it was time to win the tournament, in which Spartak have not won since 1998?- If every coach had the happiness to say that he is already four or five years the Cup was won... of Course, for me the 98th year was a long time ago, but many others would say, "Yes we just won the Cup!"- This year "Spartak" with the Cup, probably associated special hopes?- No. We were as "Spartacus", so they remain. Our task is to win any tournament, and on one thing we don't focus. Sometimes understand that to win it all unreal, but the task is still set. Otherwise it is impossible.Alexey MATVEEV.

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