The first 90 minutes Shalimov surprised even himself

The first 90 minutes Shalimov surprised even himselfNo, he's just not played enough! Otherwise, Shalimov would not tell his players throughout the match, breaking voice, where to go, to beat, to regroup and to whom to pass the ball in a particular episode. "Kuzmin! Oleg! Carefully! Denis, be displaced. Away, and immediately the ball to Passoni. He will understand. Here, good, good, good! Tsallagov! Marat! Drop zone, go to the left. So, all right! Well, Sasha!" The last phrase is quite often addressed to the Italian "Uralan" Alessandro Dal Canto, repeatedly won the fight for the ball players "Loko".These words, however, were completely pointless. First, fans of Elista, pining over the winter Cup, noisy experienced together with Shalimov. And, secondly, the wards of the youngest coach in the history of our football fees for bad learned his proposed "material". Uralan Shalimov, not always understanding each other off the field, speaking six languages, the game looks a team that knows what to do in a given situation. For a coach it's a compliment.He, however, was not appeased. In the game, new head coach of the Russian trainer's workshop - the very expression. About Shalimov - mark my words - will write and speak. He will become a hero of television commercials devoted to emotion coaching. It will be loved by photographers, searching for any unusual and bright.In his first match 33-year-old new head coach of Uralan" and clapping and raising their hands to the sky, and even beat - with anger - hands on the edge of the canopy to the bench of the owners of the Kalmyk stadium. And the greatest emotions of the trainer caused risky, and therefore often inaccurate passes across the field. In these moments the coach's face-the debutant was sideways, and he shouted something inarticulate. "Dario, are you..." - followed by the full emotions grido in Italian.Helped, by the way. Words Shalimov players "Uralan" is hardly heard, but the frantic energy of his coach probably felt. He sometimes resembled a fireball - talking, constantly commenting on what is happening, but excluded from the vocabulary words, which are called unprintable. The decision of the arbitrator Alexander Evstigneev, has appointed a penalty in gate "Uralan", Shalimov who disagrees with the verdict, commented sarcastically. However, not offended neither the judge nor the public. Slightly cooled down, Shalimov thought about priesthood. "You saw how he was walking? Tank!" - he turned to Pisarev, making simultaneously a compliment to the player "Loko".However, emotions and words are great, but the score is more important. And for starters, Igor Mikhailovich need to make conversations about the youngest coach not subsided, when his directing debut will become history and will begin the usual routine. He knows it. Perhaps better than many. And those who wish him good luck. And those who can't stand this ambitious man, even when he was a player who had all their own opinion. And not afraid to Express it publicly.Enough of both. Even in Elista. He is a person. With such difficult, but always interesting. As a young and ambitious, it will be very difficult. He shouts the whole game, having it on my feet, I realized this after the final whistle. "I did not expect such a terrible strain. We must begin to prepare for matches. Otherwise you can burn out on the job," said Shalimov, a day before the game saying the opposite.His pregame calm turned out to be a deception. However, it would be strange if the 33 - year-old debutant would feel just as comfortable as his more experienced colleague. "Good luck to you, Igor," said Yuri Semin, pojawi at a press conference hands with the newcomer.Andrey AFINOGENOV.

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