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Everton found Wright assistant

Everton found Wright assistantConfident speaker in the current season, Liverpool "Everton" was able to quickly resolve unexpected team goalie problem. Partner Richard Wright became Norwegian goalkeeper Espen Baardsen.In goal for Everton this season excellently played by the candidate in England Wright, but both backup goalkeeper Steven Simonsen and Paul Gerrard was injured and out of action for a long time. As he said "butterscotch" David Moyes, "cannot be subjected to the risk team and play with one goalkeeper. And Wright urgently looking for an understudy. They became known for his "Tottenham Hotspur" and the national team of Norway 25 - year-old Baardsen. Recently Baardsen defended the colors of "Watford", but did not pass in the first team. "I understand that it's hard to compete with such well-known goalkeeper, Richard. But I want to justify your confidence in me and to prove himself in his new club," said the native of Miami Baardsen, accepted an invitation to play for the national team of Norway and took part in world Cup 98..

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