Jan Koller live in Dortmund well

Jan Koller live in Dortmund wellCzech footballer Borussia Dortmund's Jan Koller is noticeable on the football field figure. It is not only and not so much about the two-meter height of a football player, but about his ability to cope with their goalscoring responsibilities and willingness to come to the aid of their teammates on the field. "I play for the whole team, not just yourself," said the striker "Borussia" and the Czech national team in an interview with the German weekly "Welt am Sonntag", - and in General, large should help a little"."Giraffe", as called by his teammates, believes that Borussia have a chance to win a return loss in Porto will help match with the winner of the honorary trophy of European club football. "Real" in the defense of the vulnerable, "says Koller," if we succeed the first to open an account, we can beat the Spaniards. But for error in meeting with them, we do not have. In the next few years our team will become stronger and stronger, because the club has the correct strategic line". Koller admitted that he is not going to leave Dortmund before the expiration of his contract with the team. "His sporting high I want to achieve in Dortmund, here I feel great," says the 29-year-old, and after the expiration of my contract with Borussia, when I'm already 33, I want to return home, where miss"..

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