The Championship Of England. Match reports

The Championship Of England. Match reportsManchester city - Arsenalele match of the championship of England "Manchester city" - "the Arsenal", it's safe to say that Arsenal team is predictable. After the 17th minute of the match everything was clear as day, for "the gunners" shot on target very precisely. Great starting pressure of Arsene Wenger was impossible to restrain; the goals were scored by different players and for every taste - after sleek and light combinations, as, for example, in cases with goals from Bergkamp and Pires, roll like an experienced Billiards player who puts the ball in the pocket without looking, as in the case of a goal Thierry Henry. Or even in the English style, which is unusual French Arsenal. It was when the score was already 3-0 when Sol Campbell, who came into the box on the corner, drove the ball into the net.Before the match Kevin Keegan said that his team "Arsenal" a thousand light years. Keegan was a bit cunning, perhaps hoping that his players will be able to spring a surprise, although, of course, Keegan like no other respects Arsenal and somewhere is trying to copy the style of the London club.During the game the coach repeatedly remembered, perhaps, by his own words. Look at Keegan was such that it was worth to regret, especially after the fifth goal, when Vieira rolled the ball to the goalkeeper "city" between the legs. We must pay tribute to the masters, even with this bill they selflessly rushed forward, trying to get even a single success. The actions were similar to the actions of a swimmer attempting to swim across the sand, but they have achieved desired; consolation goal was scored by Nicolas Anelka. If you close your eyes to the fact that, most likely, in this episode the player the "city" was in an offside position, it should be noted commendable stubbornness of the team. Well, about Arsenal, not much to say, just because Wenger's wards showed the game close to the divine. Indeed, a five - star Arsenal. Charlton athletic - Aston Villagra middling in England are more interesting than in other countries, for the simple reason that the breakneck pace and fight in Albion rife. Was no exception and this match where everything was decided in the second half. First Jason Ewell scored his ninth goal of the season strike the crown of the right leg, but in the end his team's victory more convincing than did Jonatan Johansson, who made a double. It should be noted that such a move Finn was akin to heroism, as he emerged from the bench in the 83rd minute and scored in the 87th and 90th.Chelsea - Blackberries tour to some extent can be called round the last minute. The initiative has made daytime matches, and continued, "Charlton", "Aston Villa", "Chelsea" and "Blackburn". But if in the first game the two teams much was clear until the last minute, the other pair in a dispute, the ending became the determining factor. Start guest victory "Blackburn" put Dwight York, who came on as a substitute in the 57th minute. On 86th jumped it perfectly at the near post, sending the ball into the goal, spun from a corner David This. The author of the program on our laurels is not calmed down, and soon had himself celebrated success. His right hand was nebrasksa for Carlo Cudicini. Chelsea did everything possible to save, but anything more than return the ball from the free kick, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink they haven't. "Blackburn" won career victory, and Londoners are losing crucial points in the fight for a place in the Champions League.Leeds Newcasle though this took place in a relatively equal fight, not for a moment left little doubt in the outcome. In decisive stages of the attack and the guests were more confident, and more accurate. Soloed leaders - Dyer and Shearer. The first goal they built for a couple, receiving a pass from a partner, Dyer opened the scoring in the match. The second goal was scored at the dawn of the second half; Dyer scored a brace, having received the transfer from the left flank from Bellamy. The captain put an end to the match six minutes later after a goal Dyer, on 54th, unlike his partner Shearer scored his head. And if a couple of years ago it would have been a match opponents of equal rank and level of the game, but now things have changed - "Newcastle" in recent years shows football is close to ideal.Sunderland - Middlebracket a lot about this game is impossible. The teams appeared to struggle on the field, and as a result the game was full of numerous violations. Yellow cards could be shown much more, but the judge took pity on the team fighting for survival. The word "fighting" is used in past tense, because after this defeat Sunderland will be just to finish the tournament in the Premier League, and to prepare for next season in the first division. Judging by your team, but not visible due to what wards Wilkinson will be able to survive in the top flight of England.In the "important block" scored players that are only on the last day before the closure of the winter transfer window passed to a command from the "Derby County". Recruits obviously were to the court..

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