Sergei Balakhnin: Want to win the Cup

Sergei Balakhnin: Want to win the Cup- The upcoming season - the second as a head coach. Current Balakhnin different from what we got up to the club's helm two years ago?- Perhaps. Self-confident before the start of the season I got more now than I did then. It is, however, self-confidence, not experience. It is not enough.- You worked for many years as a second coach, then became a principal, then again returned to the second role, and again took charge of the team. How difficult was it to change the status?- It's incredibly difficult. The head coach and his assistant are completely different specialty. Fortunately, I was lucky that the leaders of the club acted tactfully and wisely, making castling: the reproaches addressed not sounded. I was left in a team that worked together Baydachnyy, and cooperation with the specialist benefit. Coach strong he is.- In winter you with assistants watched a large group of candidates, but left a few in the team. Earlier it was different club in the offseason has got an impressive number of newcomers. There was a change of course in the selection policy?- We deliberately invited to the bride a lot of players and tried to take from them not only the best but also the relevant model characteristics of the team. In other words, the emphasis is on quality, which was trying to find in large quantities.- Have you visited players from South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia. It is the fruit of the efforts of Rostov resident of Victor Bondarenko, spent many years in South Africa?- We did take the players on his recommendation. They all passed through clubs South Africa, but because the capabilities of each were well known Victor Ivanovich, who visited the camp in the UAE with our team.- Your choice in favor of Africa influenced arrived last summer in Utah Kampamba and Booth?- They made us take a closer look at the continent. Booth and Kampamba was a high-class professionals, significantly uzilevsky game. With them no problems. Was only required to pay in time the Legionnaires money and explain where I need them in the game, in training.- The new season begins under a new guise.- We knew that the name will be changed. This has long been discussed, offered various options. In the end, decided to become "growth".- Why is the replacement of the brand?- The leaders and the club are trying to unite around the team all Rostovites: the city has many decades is divided into two camps - fans army command and salmasian". With the advent of "Rostov" confrontation should become history.- As far as I know, a team is tasked to finish fifth. Don't you think that it is overpriced? What this means to throw himself out of a job?- To coach every game is fraught with resignation: such a work. And the information about the tasks for the season is correct. And doable. I think we are able to achieve the desired result. We just have to believe in yourself.- The coaching staff of the club joined Sergey Butenko, the team works Valery Sinau - almost all your helpers Rostov. To rely on their experts - the principle?- For many years, with the two teams of the city are their coaches. Apparently, the leaders believe in the Cossacks (laughs). Patriotism, loyalty to the club and for me, not empty words.- "Rostov" continues to play in the Russian Cup. How important is this competition for you?- Want to win this prize. There is a chance, and we are seriously preparing for the game in Khimki.- And to start the season, the team ready?" No. Readiness is not yet complete, and the acquisition is not yet completed.- Rostov is not only the glorious football tradition, but an old base, poor training field, a lot of problems in the boarding school, which once grew talented youth. Is there a change?- The situation is changing, but slowly. On the basis of a new training field. Equipped with computers and modern equipment of club doctors. Pay much attention to the double and children's football. So gradually it will go.Andrey AFINOGENOV.

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