Vistula - Lazio. Match report

Vistula - Lazio. Match reportIn the rescheduled second leg of the 1/8 finals of the UEFA Cup Lazio achieved a victory over the Krakow Wisla 2:1 and reached the quarter-finals."The team was able to reverse the course of the meeting, which began with a goal of Marcin Kurby gate in Romans 5 minutes. Balls Couto and Enrico Chiesa brought the Italian team in 1/4 of the UEFA Cup, where it will face the Istanbul beЕџiktaЕџ."Wisla" approached this match in a near-optimal composition. Healed the trauma of the abdominal muscles Maciej o Zurawski who made a brace in the first leg at the Stadio Olimpico, have recovered from flu Arkadiusz glowacki and Marcin Bashy. But the player of Lazio Giuseppe Pancaro remained at the hospital - his place in defence once again took Giuseppe Favalli. One more significant is the loss of the Romans - goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi, who damaged a thigh. In the starting lineup, he was replaced by Luca Marchegiani.From the first seconds and Favalli, and Marchegiani had to show all their skills - Wisla start famously, in the style, which allowed her to defeat Parma FC and FC Schalke 04 in previous meetings UEFA Cup. The poles succeeded in just 5 minutes after the starting whistle. Potamitis Kalu Uche made a magnificent canopy on the Cujba, diagonal shot beat the Keeper Italians.Around Uche was built almost the entire attacking game wisЕ‚a and on 15 minutes he could double the score, but Paolo Negro carried the ball from the goal line. I should add that 5 minutes before this Negro was the first of five players, "Lazio", received in this match yellow cards. Perhaps the Italians did not expect such a rapid start for the hosts, but he, at least, not knocked them out of the saddle - Lazio went ahead on 20 minutes, equalized. Goal created Chiesa, whose corner Couto powerful blow to the head sent in gate of the Frenchman Angelo's Huge.When the score was 1:1, the game proceeded as rapidly as it had begun. The poles in the attack was particularly noticeable Kamil Kosowski, but the last 15 minutes of the first half passed under the sign of excellence "Lazio". Change the score, the visitors did not allow Huge, reflecting the headbutts Claudio Lopez and Couto. Meanwhile, attempts Rodriguez, Stankovic and Chiesa lacked accuracy.The second half began in the same style, which ended the first - Lazio attacked and was close to success. But both teams did not give the defense the Romans to relax - on the 50th minute after hitting Kosowski nothing could save the gate Marchegiani, but the ball touched Uche and, to the disappointment of Polish fans, hit the post. For such extravagance "WISA" had to pay a place in the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Cup. Just 3 minutes later Chiesa brought his club win - a brilliant volley from outside the penalty area to make Huge failed. In the next round, "Lazio" will be meeting with the Turkish "Besiktas" and "WISA" have to leave their European hopes for another year..

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