Luis Enrique: I feel like a football player

Luis Enrique: I feel like a football playerOn Tuesday, Luis Enrique was the epitome of happiness. The captain of "Barcelona" was happy for different reasons. Because of progress in the team because he started playing again, because the club is a different environment and also due to the positive for the players of the sentence in the notorious case of "Hesperia". About the case about the hotel, Luis Enrique told the press that "from now on, you should check all the messages of this kind. Because players hate to get into this kind of situation." Luiz could not hide his joy over a Grand ovation, which staged the Nou camp, when he started to warm up in the match against inter. He played ten minutes and was able to enjoy "the stadium, who did her best with the team. Also I was able to add my small contribution to the team's success and again to feel like a footballer". The return of Enrique is a great event for aficionados of Barca, who adore him. The ovation he received when he began to warm up, was impressive. "I hope to return this heat to the fans by playing football." Before the match antic told him that he has a chance to enter the field depending on the course of the match. Now add Enrique in the team should be progressive. "We need to go step by step because I still need to practice a lot to get into the rhythm of their partners. Yesterday I played for ten minutes, and I thought it was a hundred. However, I promise that I will create a lot of complications to my teammates who now play very well, in the fight for a first team place". He believes it is time to slow down and delight to start thinking about the match against real Betis, "to return them the defeat they inflicted on us in the first round". He also praised the role of Antic in the rehabilitation of leopards, as "a good relationship with him, and because he was a player, he knows how to motivate us and make us feel like good players"..

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