Lokomotiv - Zenit. Match report

Lokomotiv - Zenit. Match reportThe second round of the Russian Premier League was marked by a key match between the champion Lokomotiv and ambitious Zenit. The St. Petersburg-based team, headed by Czech experts Vlastimila the Petrzhela, started the match pretty confident and for the first minute even tidied up the initiative in their own hands, attacking the entire front.All this was well, if "the locomotive" on the rights of the team of skilled and experienced would not use the first attack. Sennikov was on the left flank, made a long cross into the penalty area Loskov, the head threw the ball to running up Pimenova, who from close range and opened the gates. Thus, in the 11th minute, the railwaymen took the lead. This goal is a little cooled the initial rush of "Zenith", and the home team tried to develop success. Followed corner gate, Contofalsky that were dangerous largely because of the lack of a goalkeeper's game. In one of these episodes saved his team defender Sargis Hovsepyan, the head made a ball from empty gate.The first more or less dangerous moment was created by players of "Zenit" in the 32nd minute when following a corner to head the ball Yugoslav footballer of "Zenith" Vjestica. But Ovchinnikov was on the alert. Then the fight went mostly in the Central circle, and from time to time dangerous moments was not until the 41st minute attack guests have not been scoring. Lovely ball through to Arshavin used Konoplev, strong kick, sending the ball into the left corner from Ovchinnikova. The score was even and the teams went into the break. The second half was memorable for the fact that "the locomotive" could score the second goal, but that didn't happen, as after a great run and pass Izmailov on Pimenova's shot hit the goalpost. Zenit, choosing tactics, with an emphasis on the counter, and then, when convenient, rushed forward. In these moments of great activity were allocated new acquisition of Petersburgers Lukasz gartig. With his direct participation, in the 63rd minute, suddenly emerged second goal against the home team. Gartig from the left flank, the output is not quite confidently played Ovchinnikov and from his hands, the ball bounced to Kerzhakov, who pushed through the "spotted" in the grid.Oddly enough, then the railroad did not take any active share, on the contrary guests even more intensively began to attack and Ovchinnikov not left idle. "Locomotive" to the last could not create something intelligible. Players began openly rude, and Sennikov, shlopotav second yellow card, was sent off. "Zenit" in these minutes showed a very competent and practical football, while not hesitating attacking play.The match ended with the score 1 - 2. "Zenit" its a game we fully deserved the win. After the match not lost his nerve at the goalkeeper of Russian national team Sergey Ovchinnikov, who by means of fists tried to arrange a showdown with representatives of a trainer's staff "Zenith". From this episode looked very ugly..

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