The Championship Of Ukraine. Revelation tour

The Championship Of Ukraine. Revelation tourValeriy YAREMCHENKO, head coach of "Shakhtar":- we, the opponents played with an eye on the rear - in such weather conditions behave otherwise not. Worked the law of dialectics: the quantity turned into quality.Eugene KUCHEREVSKAYAIT, head coach of "Dnipro":- Despite the penalties imposed by PFL (the coach is forced to pay a fine of one thousand dollars for criticizing the League at a press conference. - Approx. "SE"), ready to repeat: on the margins of such poor quality matches to play. However, next year, if the national team of Ukraine, I sincerely wish her, would play in the final of the European championship, to start the second round will have a month earlier. But in this case we will know what sacrifices and risk the health of players.Olexiy Mykhailychenko, head coach of "Dynamo":- Game, which adjusted for the quality of the field can only be described as meaningful, we broke two stupid mistakes in defence. But to blame them alone chances I wouldn't: a few times it took away from the gate imminent, it would seem, threats..

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