Al Fayed must pay to continue the proceedings

Al Fayed must pay to continue the proceedingsStill ongoing proceedings Fulham with FIFA regarding the payment of the English club, "Lyon" remaining amount of transfer for the transfer of Steve marl.Recall that the leadership of Fulham has stated that it intends to appeal the decision of FIFA, in which was set the deadline for the payment of money for the gauze. FIFA decided that Fulham must repay its debt to the French club for 30 days. In case of failure to fulfill this requirement Fulham may be prohibited to enter into in the future any transfer deals.Note that in accordance with this decision, Fulham obliged to March 28 to pay the remaining amount of the transfer. The total amount of this transaction is $ 18 million dollars - a record for this club.Now intervened in the Supreme Court of London, which ruled that the President Fulham's Mohamed al Fayed must pay the court about 5 million dollars, so the trial continued.On Tuesday, judge Stanley Burnton said had set a deadline of 14 days for al Fayed to pay $ 5 million to the court.The fact that the judge Barton, as he himself said, was almost ready to rule in favor of "Lyon", but Fulham have brought one, although somewhat unclear, the argument in their favor. Allegedly at the time of the transaction at Marla had no contract with the French club.And now everything depends on al Fayed: if the President of the club will pay the above amount, the case will continue and probably Fulham will have the opportunity to prove their case regarding the absence of the midfielder's contract with Lyon at the time. Otherwise, the judge will take a decision based on existing arguments that speak in favour of Lyon..

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