April 2, Macedonian team will play a friendly match against Portugal

April 2, Macedonian team will play a friendly match against PortugalThe first ever meeting of these teams will most likely be held in Geneva. Macedonians will come three days after a home qualifying match of EURO 2004? against team Slovakia. In the last game of qualifying - England - national team of Macedonia has made a sensational draw (2:2) and with 2 points in 3 matches is in the fourth group of the third place."We really wanted to face off against a strong opponent. April 2 we have no calendar games, and an offer from Portugal arrived very timely," says the coach of the national team of Macedonia Nikola Ilievski.Last month, the charges Ilievski played three test matches in Croatia - meeting with the team owners and playing for Hajduk split Macedonians ended in a draw, and the Polish national team lost with the score 0:3..

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