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Spartak-Alania - Dynamo. The analysis of the match

Spartak-Alania - Dynamo. The analysis of the matchIn a dramatic development of events in the match, "Dynamo" has beaten "Spartak-Alania" ? 1:0. That was the bill were lit on the scoreboard, after the goalkeeper of Muscovites Berezovsky 90 minutes, took a penalty from Aswathi.The first dangerous moment, the hosts created for 8 minutes: debutant red-yellow Linear in their own half caught the ball and far verified Paz sent another newcomer to the team Mr mikholap on face-to-face meeting with the goalkeeper. Striker no one interfered, but for some reason he decided to break, not approaching goal. As a result the ball fell just in the hands of Berezovsky. Next game splash Vladikavkaz fans had to wait over twenty minutes: first in the neighborhood with a close range shot straight at the goalkeeper and then a successful decision was unsuccessful on the rebound. This episode instantly revived the game. Immediately, the Dynamo took the reply. Slalom pass on the right flank ДЌesnauskis ended with a shot into the far corner. Gabulov failed to hit the ball in front of him, but none of the guests did not have a number to send the soccer ball into the net.In past years, "Alania" was considered the team of the second half, and therefore the fans with optimism waiting for the end of break. But when the game resumed, as their hopes were dashed. Tochilin made a pass from the right wing and made a perfect feed to the corner of the goalie, where Bulykin was faster than the defender and the goalkeeper.The hosts quickly got a chance to win. The neighborhood organized a swift counter-attack and Paz against the defense brought Mr mikholap one-on-one with Berezovsky. But, apparently, in the championship of Latvia do everything much slower, otherwise how else to explain the fact that the ex - santovec awkwardly missed a great time.It seemed that after a goal is scored, the Dynamo were able to be liberated. Controlling the ball all over the field, they played for fun. However, after the match the head coach of "Dynamo" Victor Prokopenko gave a different explanation for the changes in the game include: "No, my charges were not emancipated goal. I was not satisfied, how did our game in the first half, so at halftime using non-parliamentary language I got an earful of my team." In the remaining meeting time is white-blue could be different, however, by the end of attacks they came not serious. And at the end of the match "Dynamo" and does almost paid for their wastefulness: was the 90th minute of the match when the Batak fouled Stoeva in his own penalty area. However, the storm of penalty-takers Berezovsky confirmed its reputation, riposte Elvetia and thereby brought victory to his team.Statisticaldata-Alania (Vladikavkaz) ? Dynamo (Moscow) ? 0:1 (0:0)Goal: Bulykin (Tochilin), 48.Missed penalty: Elvetia, 90 (goalkeeper).Spartak-Alania: Gabulov ? 6,0, Menteshashvili ? 5,0, a successful decision ? 5,0, PAGEV ? 5,5, Elvetia ? 5,0, Wanderlei ? 5,0, Jevic ? 5,0 (Stepanov, 75 ? b/o), Rivelin ? 5,5 (Stoev, 62 ? 5,5), a Linear ? 5,5, Blagonadezhdin ? 5,0 (Guliyev 57 ? 5,5), Bazaev ? 5,5.Dynamo: Berezovsky ? 7,0, Kovalenko ? 6,0, Tochilin ? 6.5, Haneke ? 6,0, Batak ? 5,5, Tanasijevic ? 6,0, Grishin ? 6,0 (Polovinchik, 90 ? b/o), Bulykin ? 6,5, Vukomanovic ? 6.0 (baltiyev, 87 ? b/o), ДЌesnauskis ? 6,0, Alberto ? 5,5 (Demkin, 74 ? b/o).Player of the match: Roman Berezovsky (FC Dynamo).Punishment: Haneke, 43 ? rough game, Blagonadezhdin, 53 ? rough game, Stoev, 78 ? unruly behavior, Batak, 79 ? rough game, Tanasijevic, 84 ? rough play ? warning.Judges: S. Sukhina (Malakhovka), I. Janitors (Zhukovsky), O. Antoshkin (Ryazan).Inspector S. Saidenov (St. Petersburg).16 March. Vladikavkaz. Republican stadium "Spartak". 22 000 spectators. Price of tickets - 50 - 150 roubles. Cloudy. 2 degrees. Play time: 97.18 (1-St half: 46.28, 2-nd half: 50.50).Shots on goal: 9 to 15 of them on target: 5-7, from free: 4-7, for free: 5-8, rod: 0-0, beam: 0-0, corner: 3-7, offsides: 5-1, fouls: 19-21.The doubles match: 3:1 (Ailarov, Tarlovskii, Chochiev - Gustavo).Vadim Tahirov.

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