Juventus is developing a plan to build a new stadium

Juventus is developing a plan to build a new stadiumJuventus have closer to construction of its own stadium. A special Commission has begun to develop a plan.The current Juventus stadium "Stadio Delle Alpi", owned by the city of Turin and was built in 1990 to host the World Cup in football. And Juventus owns the lease it for 99 years, but the cost of renting as you can see not satisfied with the management of the club, and the fans don't really like the Delle Alpi, and in the history of stadium sold out on it was observed only a few times.Juventus is going to build not just a stadium, and a huge sports complex with multiple fields. On the territory of this complex is also expected to host club shop team for fans.Stadio delle Alpi will remain at the disposal of another of the Turin club - Torino, until 2006, when the city hall is going to reconstruct it..

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