Arsenal - Ajax: match report

Arsenal - Ajax: match reportArsenal started very confidently and from the first minutes began to actively seek a way to the gates of Amsterdam "Ajax". Already in the first minute, Arsenal make the corner. Henri hung in the penalty area, but Patrick Vieira has managed to head the ball goalwards, but his shot on target is not hit. For its part Ajax also tried to attack. Ahead of him looked good sharp striker Ibrahimovic.But still a great start Arsenal have borne fruit already on 5-Oh to minute. After adjusted transmission Bergkamp on the left flank, Wiltord burst into the penalty area and fired past the goalkeeper "Ajax" LaBonte, who was powerless to save save. After scoring the gunners did not stop and continued pretty confident to control the ball. Very well looked Bergkamp. Finally in the eighth minute Stephen Panaro managed to intercept the ball in midfield, but the attack of the Dutch team was lost. Arsenal have looked lovely bunch Pires-Henry.On the 12th minute a good opportunity to increase the score was at Henri's. However, his strike from the penalty area went wide. Also has been very active in the field Wiltord. It was noticeable that they scored a goal significantly encouraged the French striker to further action."Ajax" mostly operated on the counter. Finally, one of them became effective. Accurate transmission on the 17th minute on De Jong completed a goal of a young football player. De Jong skillfully managed to throw the ball over Pedregalejo to the goalkeeper Seaman. In just a minute, "Ajax" was a very good opportunity to step forward, but the kick van der Meyde from outside the penalty area went just wide. It seems that after scoring the equaliser players "Ajax" coped with excitement, and midway through the first half of the meeting is the Dutch slowly began to control the ball. The team tried not to sit on the defensive and constantly attacked. Gradually, however, Arsenal again manages little by little to seize the advantage. The alarm bell rang for guests on 32-Oh to minute when Pires on the left wing struck the side of the gate. However, his shot at goal missed. Henri was constantly tormented the defense of the guests, however, played the goalkeeper of the Dutch team. The game was played at high speeds, but the young players, "Ajax" managed to contain the onslaught of much more experienced players Arsenal. After a great kickoff to the end of the meeting considerably handed over Bergkamp. The score has not changed.After the break is the goalkeeper of Arsenal Seaman on the left Taylor. The Seaman had problems with his hip. Second Taim "Arsenal again started very promising. Again well played Bergkamp. On 52-Oh to minute had to come into play substitute goalkeeper Taylor after van der Meyde shot from long distance.In the 53rd minute a real opportunity to step forward, had an "Arsenal". Lobont unsuccessfully went outside the penalty area, Wiltord could not accurately pass the ball to Bergkamp and "spotted" goes to Henry, who broke through on goal. However, the goalkeeper at the last moment managed to return to the gate and with great difficulty to parry the Frenchman. Arsenal are more and more increased his advantage on the field. However, he also did not forget about the defense given the fact that the line of attack of the guests played such great football players, as Pienaar, van der Meyde and Ibrahimovic.On 65-Oh to minute Arsenal played a good combination. On the left flank Bergkamp gave the verified transfer in the direction of Gilberto, but the kick fell last past few. On the 78th minute, "Arsenal" was right on the break through a penalty kick. Volunteered to perform his Bergkamp, who expertly curled the ball. LaBonte cost a lot of effort will reflect this impact.6 minutes before the final whistle at the "Ajax" was a very good opportunity to score the second goal, however, Buhari failed to hit the target. In a minute "Ajax" again had an acute attack, and again not without the help of Buhari. However, until the end of the game both teams never managed to score a goal and the match ended in a draw

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