Yuri Semin: On our help Royal club can not count

Yuri Semin: On our help Royal club can not count- What mode of preparing the team for the final match of the Champions League?- On Saturday evening we flew from Elista and immediately went to the base. Sunday afternoon was entirely devoted to recovery procedures - trained only those who have not played with the "Uralanom". Today (Monday. Approx.Yu.B.) had to confine themselves to an easy workout to save the field. And tomorrow in Bakovka little lesson without balls.- For "the Locomotive" this match has no tournament value. Do not fear that players will subconsciously saving energy for the second round meeting with "Zenith"?- Last year real Madrid arrived in Moscow, already securing first place. However, they treated the game very seriously. We're going to do the same.- The team will have time to recover after a heavy battle in Elista?- Real Madrid will be our third opponent in six days. To play this kind of schedule is hard, and, naturally, we will miss the freshness. If, for example, the match against CSKA Moscow super Cup took place from 8 March, and a day earlier, we've asked the Premier, there would be a major defeat in Dortmund.- What happened to the Parks?- Unfortunately, in Elista he was seriously injured today and was unable to train. Against real Madrid he will not go to field.- And Buznikin and Mnguni?- They are healthy and are among the candidates for a place in the starting lineup, which we define, as usual, after morning workout - a few hours before the match.- Why is the performance of the Team in the Champions League is much lower than in the Premier League?- The explanation is simple. In our League there is no level defenders Nesta, Maldini and Roberto Carlos.- What champion can enhance the game in attack?- Due to the greater action of the Midfielders and connections of the defenders.- Which of the two contenders for second place in the group - Borussia Dortmund or real - would you like to see in the finals?- I like the football played by the Spanish club. As played by "real", not playing anymore. But on our help they can not count. A win over a great club like real Madrid, will be for us an outstanding event.- The lack of Hierro and Roberto Carlos allows you to choose a more attacking version of the composition. Or tactics will remain the same - with a focus on defense?- To rush forward with his sword unsheathed against the world champion of clubs, it would be suicidal. As for the lack of Hierro and Roberto Carlos, I don't think it will weaken the team, consisting of so many strong players. Those who will replace them, probably will be from here to eternity, to please the head coach. Nobody knows what is better: to play against Hierro and Roberto Carlos or against their competitors.- At what result you will be able to say that pleased with his team?- A draw or win. Beautiful football, I don't think so. This is primarily related to the quality field. But struggle and mistakes will be in excess.- What are the chances of the Team to succeed?- Before the game the odds are always equal. But if soberly to look at things, the favorite, of course, "real". However, football is so good that sometimes throws up the fans with unpredictable plots. Who expected that in Madrid we will be able to withstand the onslaught of the hosts? In my opinion, it was one of the best matches of Lokomotiv in Europe.- You know that in Russia, real Madrid have not won a single victory?- Really? Well, we will try not to disturb this pleasant tradition.Yuri BUTNEW.

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