Army pace while anyone can not support

Army pace while anyone can not supportThe opening of the season for any fan always a holiday. And Volgograd cheerleader in this respect no exception. Even despite the heavy snowfall, which was held on Saturday morning over the city, to the stadium stretched thousands of football fans. Workers stadium, with the participation of servicemen tried to do everything possible to lead the field in the proper form. But after the teams came out to warm up, it became clear - to play on this turf will be more than difficult. The opening ceremony was attended by Chairman of allsportsmarket V. Ivanov and the President of club "the Rotor" Vladimir gorjunov. They congratulated the players and fans with the holiday and wished success to the Russian football. Captains Esipov and Semak under the anthem of Russia raised the national flag. Then the sky flashed hundreds of balloons with blue and white colors, thundered volley salute and the main judge of a meeting Alexander Guards invited the team for a match. The debut of the first half was entirely under the dictation of the army. They during the first quarter of an hour gave the real bulk of the gate rotor, which at this point in time have not used the surest time to score. Rookie of the starter Skrylnikov with Radkevich managed to claw the ball in the corner of the field at the defense of the guests, followed by a pass under a powerful blow Krivova but] in a beautiful jump reached for the ball and moved it to the corner. It's hard to say how things went if they would score "Rotor" goal in this episode. But the ball once again took control of the army and continued the siege of the gate, protected Pareiko. Some inroads into the hosts ' penalty area resulted in the defensive ranks of Volgograd manifested light welter that Muscovites are used to maximum benefit. First lucky Gusev. In the commotion, organized by the defenders at the gate, he's faster than anyone understood the situation and pushed the ball into the net. Then the efforts of all of those defenders was left without attention of the captain of the army team Semak. Efforts Aldonin, rushed to save his partners, were in vain. Receiving a pass, Semak was left alone with the goalkeeper and by the 15th minute of the match the score was already 2:0 in favour of CSKA. Of course, players "the Rotor" did not expect such rapid developments, and was slightly stunned by the incident. But to its credit, Volgograd, they did not lose heart and was able to translate the game again in the center, and then pressed at the gate of Muscovites. Could, could differ Zubko, going one on one with the goalkeeper on his team jumped out to intercept but] the price of a small injury saved his goal. Then, a good time was had Esipova, when he struck heavily from the middle distance - were prevented by the outstretched leg of the defender, and the ball soared over the crossbar. And absolutely brought the rostrum in bewilderment jerk Mysina, the first half hour which remained in shadow their partners. Striker Volgograd received the ball at the center circle and tried to get closer to goal. But - could not cope with the speed and tripped, that is, out of the blue. This was followed by a counter-CSKA and again got hot at the gate Pareiko. The defense of the "Rotor" still represented a "public thoroughfare". A similar situation was in the beginning of the meeting, when the guests were able to open an account. At this time caught in the corner of the goalie Kasowym grew two defenders. Alan, waiting for partners, slightly hesitated and lost the ball over the goal line. But the anxiety in the defensive ranks is not over. First Novels was unable to cope with the same Kasowym, receiving a yellow card for delaying the opponent's hands close to the edge. And then got scared to join the fight for the ball with the Right, allowing him to break through on goal from close range. And if not desperate throw Pareiko the expense could be large before the break. In the second half, consisting of the Volga players on the field instead failed in their duties Romanova left Mogilev, which has considerably strengthened the defensive ranks of the team. Of course, this had a positive impact on the game "Rotor". Volgograd much more often began to come back into the penalty area residents. During one of these "visits" Esipov managed to jump higher than everyone, but a header on goal was inaccurate. In the fight at the gate, the captain scoring a winner prevented someone from defenders, leaning on his back, but fortunately for Moscow, the referee did not notice the violation. And for quick attacks guests have not had time. Substitute in the first half Yanovsky had to break the rules against Zubko, for which he rightly received a yellow card. Efforts Zubko was created one more time at CSKA gate. Unfortunately, Esipov failed to take advantage of forward pass. The] guessed the direction not strongly punched with his left foot strike and again rescued his team. For a goal. The threat followed from the left flank. The Premier League newcomers Skrylnikov managed to completely neutralize their position experienced Gusev.

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