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Arsenal - Ajax: match report

Arsenal - Ajax: match reportArsenal started very confidently and from the first minutes began to actively seek a way to the gates of Amsterdam "Ajax". Already in the first minute, Arsenal make the corner. Henri hung in the penalty area, but Patrick Vieira has managed to head the ball goalwards, but his shot on target is not hit. For its part Ajax also tried to attack. Ahead of him looked good sharp striker Ibrahimovic.But still a great start Arsenal have borne fruit already on 5-Oh to minute. After adjusted transmission Bergkamp on the left flank, Wiltord burst into the penalty area and fired past the goalkeeper "Ajax" LaBonte, who was powerless to save save. Читать полностью -->

Juventus is developing a plan to build a new stadium

Juventus is developing a plan to build a new stadiumJuventus have closer to construction of its own stadium. A special Commission has begun to develop a plan.The current Juventus stadium "Stadio Delle Alpi", owned by the city of Turin and was built in 1990 to host the World Cup in football. And Juventus owns the lease it for 99 years, but the cost of renting as you can see not satisfied with the management of the club, and the fans don't really like the Delle Alpi, and in the history of stadium sold out on it was observed only a few times.Juventus is going to build not just a stadium, and a huge sports complex with multiple fields. On the territory of this complex is also expected to host club shop team for fans.Stadio delle Alpi will remain at the disposal of another of the Turin club - Torino, until 2006, when the city hall is going to reconstruct it.. . . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus and LUKOIL will be friends for another three years

Spartacus and LUKOIL will be friends for another three yearsThursday should be a new contract signed between Spartak and its General sponsor - oil company "LUKOIL". The parties intend to extend the agreement for another three years.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Matthaus officially became the coach of Partizan

Matthaus officially became the coach of PartizanFormer star of German football Walter Matthaus today officially signed a contract with Partizan (Belgrade). According to the agreement, he will be coaching the team during the year.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartak-Alania - Dynamo. The analysis of the match

Spartak-Alania - Dynamo. The analysis of the matchIn a dramatic development of events in the match, "Dynamo" has beaten "Spartak-Alania" ? 1:0. That was the bill were lit on the scoreboard, after the goalkeeper of Muscovites Berezovsky 90 minutes, took a penalty from Aswathi.The first dangerous moment, the hosts created for 8 minutes: debutant red-yellow Linear in their own half caught the ball and far verified Paz sent another newcomer to the team Mr mikholap on face-to-face meeting with the goalkeeper. Striker no one interfered, but for some reason he decided to break, not approaching goal. As a result the ball fell just in the hands of Berezovsky. Next game splash Vladikavkaz fans had to wait over twenty minutes: first in the neighborhood with a close range shot straight at the goalkeeper and then a successful decision was unsuccessful on the rebound. Читать полностью -->

April 2, Macedonian team will play a friendly match against Portugal

April 2, Macedonian team will play a friendly match against PortugalThe first ever meeting of these teams will most likely be held in Geneva. Macedonians will come three days after a home qualifying match of EURO 2004? against team Slovakia. In the last game of qualifying - England - national team of Macedonia has made a sensational draw (2:2) and with 2 points in 3 matches is in the fourth group of the third place."We really wanted to face off against a strong opponent. April 2 we have no calendar games, and an offer from Portugal arrived very timely," says the coach of the national team of Macedonia Nikola Ilievski.Last month, the charges Ilievski played three test matches in Croatia - meeting with the team owners and playing for Hajduk split Macedonians ended in a draw, and the Polish national team lost with the score 0:3.. . . Читать полностью -->

Shinnik interested in kleschenko

Shinnik interested in kleschenko"Shinnik" has shown interest in the forward of the national team of Moldova Sergey kleschenko, advocates, tel Aviv "Hapoel". Season in Israel ends in may, and Yaroslavl entered into preliminary negotiations with representatives of football to sign him since the summer.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Al Fayed must pay to continue the proceedings

Al Fayed must pay to continue the proceedingsStill ongoing proceedings Fulham with FIFA regarding the payment of the English club, "Lyon" remaining amount of transfer for the transfer of Steve marl.Recall that the leadership of Fulham has stated that it intends to appeal the decision of FIFA, in which was set the deadline for the payment of money for the gauze. FIFA decided that Fulham must repay its debt to the French club for 30 days. In case of failure to fulfill this requirement Fulham may be prohibited to enter into in the future any transfer deals.Note that in accordance with this decision, Fulham obliged to March 28 to pay the remaining amount of the transfer. The total amount of this transaction is $ 18 million dollars - a record for this club.Now intervened in the Supreme Court of London, which ruled that the President Fulham's Mohamed al Fayed must pay the court about 5 million dollars, so the trial continued.On Tuesday, judge Stanley Burnton said had set a deadline of 14 days for al Fayed to pay $ 5 million to the court.The fact that the judge Barton, as he himself said, was almost ready to rule in favor of "Lyon", but Fulham have brought one, although somewhat unclear, the argument in their favor. Allegedly at the time of the transaction at Marla had no contract with the French club.And now everything depends on al Fayed: if the President of the club will pay the above amount, the case will continue and probably Fulham will have the opportunity to prove their case regarding the absence of the midfielder's contract with Lyon at the time. Otherwise, the judge will take a decision based on existing arguments that speak in favour of Lyon.. Читать полностью -->

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