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Albania - Russia. Submitted to the arbitrator

Albania - Russia. Submitted to the arbitratorQualifying meeting between the national teams of Albania and Russia will serve the referees from Belgium. As the chief judge will field Paul Allerts. He will help Rambut Hennissen and Danny Vanderhoven.Alerts born 9 July 1964, recently launched his international career, however, managed to earn credibility in the judiciary in Europe. In recognition of the judge, the chief event in his life was the famous field of the stadium "old Trafford", when he served the Champions League match between the English "Manchester United" and Israeli "Maccabi" September 18 last year.Interestingly, in the international meetings that are running Alerts, always gets a considerable amount of goals. So, in 2001, the Belgian was assigned to serve the qualifying matches for the 2002 FIFA world Cup Portugal - Andorra (3:0) and Finland - Greece (5:1), and last year in the Champions League "Bayern" and "lance" netted each other three goals.. Читать полностью -->

The decision in the case Tetradze postponed until Tuesday

The decision in the case Tetradze postponed until TuesdayYesterday at the first meeting of the newly established dispute resolution Chamber examined the application Omari Tetradze of the failure of the "Spartak-Alania" conditions of the contract. According to the Chairman of the chamber Nikolai Tolstykh, taking into account the requests of the parties on the provision of time for the peaceful settlement of disputes, the decision is postponed to Tuesday, March 4.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The prize Fund of the Cup RFPL will amount to $ 120,000

The prize Fund of the Cup RFPL will amount to $ 120,000At a press conference dedicated to the upcoming game tomorrow for the super Cup, Russian football Premier Liga, RFPL President Vitaly Mutko has announced that the super Cup match will be conducted on a commercial basis. The match should attract additional attention to the national championship, as it is a game-opening the 2003 season. The prize Fund will be divided between the winner and a finalist in the ratio of 3:1, so the winner will receive us $ 90,000. The loser will receive $ 30,000. The challenge Cup will be awarded to the winning team for one year, after which he returned to the Premier League, the club remains an exact copy of the super bowl 10:1. In case you win the super bowl three times in succession or five times in total, the prize is passed to the club forever.. Читать полностью -->

Israel will not conduct a home games in London

Israel will not conduct a home games in LondonThe President of the football Federation of Israel Gavri Levi said that the British put forward such financial conditions, which has made the conduct of the Israeli team home qualifying matches of the European championship in the suburbs of London - Watford, unreal. According to levy, the city hall of this town - Watford, has requested the completion of the two matches with the national teams of Cyprus and France) 300 thousand pounds.As noted by Levi, in his opinion dramatically high financial costs - it's just a "diplomatic move" the British, who thus made clear to the Israelis that the football team will be in London unwanted guests.Gavri Levi believes that this position of the Watford became possible thanks to the powerful pressure of the representatives of the Islamic community in the city hall. It turned out that in Watford has a large number of Muslim residents and in the local newspaper they announced that the arrival of the Israeli team in this city "will lead to an explosion of public opinion".As you know, a month ago, the President of the Israeli football Federation went to England, met with leaders of the local football club "Watford", which promised to organize all the "best" in his 22 - seat stadium. "They were so friendly and welcoming that I really thought that there will be no problems". Let me remind you that not many months ago the London authorities refused the Israelites in the reference to make this city their home games. Now, according to Levi, "English", apparently, have to forget. Читать полностью -->

Valeriy Gazzaev: After 6-7 rounds will see another CSKA

Valeriy Gazzaev: After 6-7 rounds will see another CSKADespite the defeat from "the Locomotive" in the match for the super Cup of Russia CSKA coach Valery Gazzayev did not look upset and answering the questions of journalists, even allowed himself a few times to smile. Steering CSKA primarily noted for the beginning of the season his team showed decent football: "Especially pleased with the first half," said Gazzaev. But then leveled the game. Somewhere on the result affected early spring, emotions and a lot of unfulfilled moments. Today we played well, only 45 minutes, but after 6-7 rounds will all see a very different team.Our idea was that our regular penalty-takers Kirichenko and Gusev were supposed to open and complete a series of penalty shoot-out. For the execution of this plan Kirichenko came off the bench in the final minutes of the meeting. Читать полностью -->

Cooper is afraid of Robert

Cooper is afraid of RobertMentor Milan "inter" Hector Cooper said that of all the players, "Newcastle" most of all he fears midfielder Laurent Robert. Sunday the two teams will meet in the internal match at the stadium "San Siro". In the first game, inter defeated the British at their own game 4:1.However, in the second match of "black and blue" don't have to wait for an easy win. "If Robert will put to play on the left flank, we have to be careful. He has a wonderful left foot," said Cooper. In addition, concerns about the Plan Shearer and Craig Bellamy, who "complement" of Robert.. Читать полностью -->

First division. 1st round

First division. 1st roundKhimki (Khimki) - Lisma-Mordovia (Saransk) - 1:Gal: Kiselev 76.Khimki. Stadium "Innovator"Judge T. Bezovec (St. Petersburg)Kristall (Smolensk) - Lada (Togliatti) - 1:Gal: Rodin 14.Smolensk. The stadium "Spartak"Judge A. Читать полностью -->

Iceland declared the squad for the match with Scotland

Iceland declared the squad for the match with ScotlandCoach of team Iceland Utley Edvaldsson announced the squad for the qualifying match of Euro 2004 against Scotland on March 29.It is noteworthy that the team invited the captain, "Bolton" GuГ°ny Bergsson, after a nearly six-year absence from the national team.The last time Bergsson played for Iceland in 1997 and was its captain.The coach of the national team, often criticized for not being called before an experienced player, said that this decision is not connected with the injury of midfielder of Hreidarsson."Bergsson would be invited, even if hreidarsson was healthy," said Edwardson.Goalkeepers: Arnie Gautur Arason (Rosenborg, Norway), Birkir Kristinsson (IBV Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland)Defenders: GuГ°ny Bergsson (Bolton, England), Larus Orri Sigurdsson (West Brom, England), Petur Marteinsson (Stoke, England), Arnar Vidarsson (Lokeren, Belgium), Ivar Ingimarsson (Brighton, England), Bjarni Гћorsteinsson (defeated Molde, Norway), Indrioi Sigurdsson (Lillestrom, Norway)Midfielders: Runar Kristinsson (Lokeren, Belgium), the Time and Gretarsson (Lokeren, Belgium), Thordur Gudjonsson (Bochum, Germany), Bruner Gunnarsson (Stoke, England), Carl Gudjonsson (Aston Villa, England), Gilfi Einarsson (Lillestrom, Norway)Forwards: Heidar Helgason (Watford, England), Eidur Gudjonsson (Chelsea, England), The Marel Baldvinsson (Lokeren, Belgium).. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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