I Rummenigge has its own, different from of UEFA the model of reforming of the UEFA Cup

I Rummenigge has its own, different from of UEFA the model of reforming of the UEFA CupOn passing in these days in Nyon, Switzerland meeting of the working group of the European club forum, consisting of 102 clubs of the Old world, discusses the future of the UEFA Cup. Vice-President of Bayern Munich Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has criticized the model of reforming of the second most important club of the Euro tournament proposed by the UEFA administration. "The tournament at present, the Olympic system is preferable to offer group phase at the initial stage of the competition," said the former striker of Bayern and the German national team, also disagrees with the proposal to abandon the practice of involvement in the UEFA Cup teams, took the third place at the first UEFA Champions League group stage. "Obviously, part eight loss in Porto will help teams in the UEFA Cup increases its class," said Rummenigge, "and the popularity of this tournament, I propose to conduct games of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup in different weeks". Whatever the outcome of the debate in Nyon model of UEFA Cup next season will remain the same.. . Читать полностью -->

Barcelona seriously targeting Fernando Varela

Barcelona seriously targeting Fernando VarelaSpanish "Barcelona" has shown serious interest in the services of counsel Seville "Betis" Fernando Varela. Purchase this player was on the agenda of the former President of the Catalan club by Joan Gaspar. With the departure of Gaspard this interest is not weakened. Leaders FC Barcelona and real Betis had met to discuss the situation around the player. In "Barcelona" want to see Varela, well, as for the Seville club, he wants to reclaim back Alfonso Perez, currently loaned out.In recent months, was reached a preliminary agreement between the two clubs. The negotiation process gained momentum when it became aware of the imminent transition Michael Reiziger on Albion. Читать полностью -->

The pavement looks forward to a good contract

The pavement looks forward to a good contractOn Thursday the leadership of the "salty" will begin negotiations with the team captain Alexander Bridge on the extension of his contract. The club's President Horacio Gomez has repeatedly stated his intention to leave the club s-year veteran of the team. Bridge said that he was "absolutely calm about his contract." "Think I've earned a good contract and the respect of their game in "Celta" - said the midfielder ahead of the talks.Despite the fact that the interests of the parties coincide, the negotiations promise to be difficult. The main stumbling block will be the desire of the club to conclude a contract according to scheme 1 1, with a possible extension if the Pavement will play in the first year a certain percentage of matches. . . Читать полностью -->

Premier-League. Applications clubs. Rotor (Volgograd)

Premier-League. Applications clubs. Rotor (Volgograd)Established in 1929. Until 1933 - "Tractor", "Tractor plant", 1933 - 1947, 1958 - 1970 - "Tractor", 1948 - 1957 - "torpedo", 1971 - "Steel", 1972 - 1974 - "Barricades", 1975 - "the Rotor".Color: blue-white-blue.The highest achievement in the USSR Championships - 4th place (1939).2-second prize-winner of Russian Championships - 1993, 1997. Finalist Of The Cup Of Russia - 1995.Club address: 400005, Volgograd, Lenin Avenue, 76.Phone: (8442) 34-35-78. Fax: 34-34-94.Stadium: Central Rotor (38 000).Phone: 34-00-53.Club President - Vladimir Goryunov. Читать полностью -->

Jiri Novotny: I Came to Russia for new experiences

Jiri Novotny: I Came to Russia for new experiencesAutograph... Fifth, tenth, police major and Kazan boys. Interviews and photo for memory. In another photo, a few more answers to the questions Intrusive reporters. And all with a smile, which would be the envy of Hollywood stars. Nowotny, however, also star. Читать полностью -->

Goal David Beckham ensured the victory of Manchester United over Aston Villa

Goal David Beckham ensured the victory of Manchester United over Aston VillaThe exact impact of David Beckham at the 12th minute of the match in Birmingham has provided Manchester United victory in a meeting with Aston Villa," in the 30th round of the national championship of England. The opening match was for Manchester United. Beckham and van Nistelrooy did not give goalkeeper Aston Villa Stefan Postma entertainment. And on the 12th minute of the meeting would it be Beckham himself shot from the left flank in the goalmouth and was on duty here England captain sent the ball into the net past Keeper birminghamal.A quick goal by Alex didn't bother the owners and they rushed to recoup. Into the hands of the owners and was a sloppy game of Manchester United in defence, where decisive action was allocated one Rio Ferdinand. The home team was tasked to the Fabien Barthez: first, the Frenchman took the shot of Darius Vessel, and then the gate, "MJ" dangerous beat the Dion Dublin and Mustapha Hadji.The second half was less spectacular than the first. Читать полностью -->

Semin and Loskov starred in the Big wash

Semin and Loskov starred in the Big washThe head coach of the Moscow "Locomotive" Yuri Stmin and team captain Dmitry Loskov participated in the "Big wash" on the ORT channel. The show will air on December 25 at 17:00. This is the official website of the club.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Gregory on the suspended coach Derby

Gregory on the suspended coach DerbyClub of the first division of English "Derby" suspended coach John Gregory from work.Gregory was suspended for 5 matches and fined 11,000 dollars for insulting the judge earlier this week.In a statement the club says: "In the light of this situation and to conduct a full and objective investigation, the club has decided to suspend John Gregory from duty while the investigation is underway".. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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