Bookmakers are betting on Lokomotiv Moscow

Bookmakers are betting on Lokomotiv MoscowMost likely the "gold" of the championship of Russia on football, according to the Russian bookmakers, has a current Russian Champions Lokomotiv Moscow.So, the office "Marathon" takes bets on the railroad by a factor of 2.48. The second most likely contender for the title office believes CSKA Moscow (coefficient of 2.95), and the third - "Spartak" (4,20).As for the starting of the tour, the most money you can earn by putting on a win of FC Rubin Kazan over CSKA. In this case, the gain will increase by 10.6 times. By the way, almost all bookmakers Russia's victory "the ruby" is considered the least likely outcome.The chances of last year's winners in the matches of the 1st round of the new championship are considered quite high, respectively, the coefficients of the rate on them is low. So, the coefficient on the victory of "Loco" in the Elista match with "Uralanom" is equal to 1.69. The same coefficient is selected, and in case of success of "Spartacus" in the game with fellow countrymen from "a torpedo-the Metallurgist". Читать полностью -->

Barcelona have filed a request to participate in the Intertoto Cup

Barcelona have filed a request to participate in the Intertoto CupBarcelona decided not to risk and has applied for participation in the UEFA Intertoto Cup. Probably, this step is motivated by the desire of the Catalan team to play it safe in case she fails to get any of the European competitions."Leopard" takes the eighth place in the standings of the championship of Spain, and it lacks six points in the UEFA Cup and 12 in the Champions League.The "blue garnet" there's still a chance to get into the Champions League next season, if they manage to win the title UEFA Champions League this season.Winning streak Barca in the Champions League was suspended on Wednesday when Barcelona drew 0-0 with inter at San Siro.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Everton found Wright assistant

Everton found Wright assistantConfident speaker in the current season, Liverpool "Everton" was able to quickly resolve unexpected team goalie problem. Partner Richard Wright became Norwegian goalkeeper Espen Baardsen.In goal for Everton this season excellently played by the candidate in England Wright, but both backup goalkeeper Steven Simonsen and Paul Gerrard was injured and out of action for a long time. As he said "butterscotch" David Moyes, "cannot be subjected to the risk team and play with one goalkeeper. And Wright urgently looking for an understudy. They became known for his "Tottenham Hotspur" and the national team of Norway 25 - year-old Baardsen. Recently Baardsen defended the colors of "Watford", but did not pass in the first team. Читать полностью -->

Shearer will not be satisfied with a draw in Milan

Shearer will not be satisfied with a draw in MilanThe Newcastle captain Alan Shearer will not have the dislike of the defender of "inter" Fabio Cannavaro, against which he will play on Tuesday in the Champions League. Shearer received a two-match suspension for his elbow hit Cannavaro in the first match between these teams at St James ' Park."I'm not at all concerned," said Shearer the newspaper "evening chronicle, " I admire him"."We know what to do, and I don't believe that a draw will satisfy us, since I doubt that inter will make a bobble in Leverkusen. We heard that in "inter", a series of injuries, but whoever entered the field, all the same, the opponent will be extremely dangerous."We barely, but still overcame the first group stage. We can repeat this again and we are already on the way to this. Craig Bellamy is back in the squad and this is a big plus, as his presence was much stronger team," concluded Shearer.. . Читать полностью -->

Gazzaev: Tochilin, Konoplev Berezutsky and worthy of a call up to the national team

Gazzaev: Tochilin, Konoplev Berezutsky and worthy of a call up to the national teamHead coach of Russia on football Valery Gazzaev believes that the Dynamo Alexander Tochilin, midfielder Petersburg "Zenith" Konstantin Konoplev and CSKA Vasily Berezutsky has proved with his play that he is worthy of a call in a national team of the country. He declared it on a press - conferences in RIA "news" on Monday."Tochilin is an experienced player, said Gazzaev. "It shows a steady game and is a leader in soem club. Given the fact that the Russian team will have four away games, Ben can bring tangible benefits to the national team."A call to the national team Vasily Berezutsky, in the opinion of the instructor of Russian national team, justified its stable and confident game in recent matches CSKA.As for Konstantin Konoplyov, Gazzaev said that young defensive midfielder made a good impression with his play in pre-season training and the start of the match against situated near Moscow "Saturn-REN TV". "We called Constantine to the team to get to know him" - said Gazzaev.. . Читать полностью -->

Costa Rican Wright signed a contract with the Wings

Costa Rican Wright signed a contract with the WingsYesterday, the 23-year-old defender "Guanacaste" and the Olympic national team of Costa Rica Bernie Wright signed a contract for three years with "Wings of the Soviets". He became the sixth South American footballer in the composition of the Samara command. It played last year for the club, Argentine Gustavo Lillo and Brazilian Gaucho in the current season, joined the Brazilians Souza and Leyton, Chilean Raul Munoz. Wright was taken to the team most likely for the future, because the competition among Samartsev for a place in Central defence is very sharp. In addition to the bout, in that position can play at least five - Evgenie Bushmanov, Patrick Ovie, Munoz, Vuk RaЕЎoviД‡ and Vladimir Shuneyko.Before the "Wings of the Soviets" Wright played for the Costa Rican clubs Saprissa", "Carmelita" and "Guanacaste", as well as for Guatemalan "Comunicaciones".. . Читать полностью -->

The first 90 minutes Shalimov surprised even himself

The first 90 minutes Shalimov surprised even himselfNo, he's just not played enough! Otherwise, Shalimov would not tell his players throughout the match, breaking voice, where to go, to beat, to regroup and to whom to pass the ball in a particular episode. "Kuzmin! Oleg! Carefully! Denis, be displaced. Away, and immediately the ball to Passoni. He will understand. Here, good, good, good! Tsallagov! Marat! Drop zone, go to the left. So, all right! Well, Sasha!" The last phrase is quite often addressed to the Italian "Uralan" Alessandro Dal Canto, repeatedly won the fight for the ball players "Loko".These words, however, were completely pointless. Читать полностью -->

Oleg Romantsev: Finally we received from Brazil what you need

Oleg Romantsev: Finally we received from Brazil what you needThis season before head coach of the red-whites are not only the tournament tasks. Updated in the offseason Spartak need to put team play. And the best Director of this game than Romantsev, in Russia.- Congratulations not so much the win but the game is of good quality. Are you satisfied with the performance of my team?- We had glimpses of that game to strive for. Me from the first minute had a feeling that we will win. Although the opponent was very good, our team started the match with a proper mood. Читать полностью -->

We can even arrange a draw in Dortmund

We can even arrange a draw in DortmundIn the group With the second group stage of the 2002/03 UEFA Champions League left to hold four matches. Each of them can be three outcomes (win both clubs and a draw). Therefore, the possible options turns 81. Of them Lokomotiv able to qualify for the next round only seven. Given the forecast of experts "SE" on the outcome of all four games, the total probability of "Loco" in the 1/4 finals is only 1,72% (AC Milan have already secured their continued participation in the Champions League for real Madrid favorable 53 outcome - 77,36% for Borussia Dortmund - 21 - 20,92%).Of course, the chances of the champion of Russia are small. But they are there! And it's only four months ago proved himself "the locomotive". Читать полностью -->

In the Armenian national team freshman forward from Hungary

In the Armenian national team freshman forward from HungaryAfter the failure of the forward torpedo-the Metallurgist" Karen Ohanyan to play for the national team of Armenia, there was a need to strengthen the attacking potential of the national team. As reported by the technical Director of the national team of Armenia Ashot Manukyan, under the banner of the national team invited 22-year-old Hungarian striker of the club, "Sopron" Yeghia Yavruyan. The footballer has already arrived in Yerevan and joined the team. However, the participation of Juruena in the coming matches against the national teams of Northern Ireland and Spain remains in question, as in documents footballer discovered inaccuracies. In case the football Federation of Armenia will be able to settle the problems with UEFA, the legionary from Hungary will be able to make his debut in the national team of Armenia in the nearest Saturday. About Aruana known that he hails from Rostov and spends in "Sopron" his fourth season.. Читать полностью -->

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