Aigner announces resignation

Aigner announces resignationThe managing Director of UEFA Gerhard Aigner will retire in December of this year.59-year-old German today announced to the UEFA Executive Committee that will not qualify for an extension of its contract, which ends on 31 December. Aigner explained his decision to a desire to spend more time with his family and "special interests".Aigner, who works at UEFA since 1969, he headed the administration in 1989 as Secretary-General. Since 1999, after the reorganization of the UEFA Aigner became the first managing Director of UEFA. Today, the German announced his decision to retire at the age of 60 years."I am completely satisfied with his career in the League over the past 33 years, and I think the organization is ready for the challenges of the future," said Aigner. He stood at the head of UEFA at a time when the European football Union was forced to seriously restructure in order to adapt to the requirements of the modern market."I have a young family and other private interests, and I intend to give them as much time as possible. I'm sorry I couldn't do before, " added Aigner. Читать полностью -->

Arsene Naidenov: From the bridge of the Pearls I cannot get away

Arsene Naidenov: From the bridge of the Pearls I cannot get awayThere is a sense that their love affair with the "Pearl" will never end. Came three times in the Sochi team Arsene Naidenov: first removed her from second division football (where it stayed for almost a decade, then took off from first to second. Now again could not resist took over the business and dreams of winning, have in tridtsatigradusnuyu heat under the sound of the waves and honks of passing the Sochi stadium locomotives.- As soon as football people start to forget who Naidenov, you seemed eager to remind yourself. Why do you have a second League team?- This is not a team in the second League. This Is "Pearl"! As long as health permits, I will honor you for the honor to lead this club. And health now, thank God, allows. Читать полностью -->

Summer Leeds will sell eventually

Summer Leeds will sell eventuallyThe Board of Directors of the club of the English Premier League Leeds United" set before coach Terry Venables a task which will almost certainly lead to his resignation. The mentor will continue the sale, held club bosses during the current season.Who exactly will be sold is unknown, but earn the club ВЈ 15 million. When you consider that the prices in the transfer market now is low, then we can assume that will be sold to someone while remaining stars.Naturally, Venables did not agree with this policy. He has already managed to comment on the decision of the Board of Directors, stating that in the end of the season it is hardly necessary to review the sources of income.. . . Читать полностью -->

Florentino Perez: Raul is our player-character, the myth and the legend of madridismo

Florentino Perez: Raul is our player-character, the myth and the legend of madridismoYesterday, the birthday of the real Madrid President Florentino Perez gave a festive interview in which he recalled the past, talked about the present and looked into the future led them to the Royal club.- You were born nine months before the opening of the "Santiago Bernabeu". Remember how you first came to the Shrine of Madrid "real"?- Yes, in 1951. I was four years old and dad by the hand privtl me there. I had a lot of excitement from the spectators, from the ball, which seemed to rise straight to the heavens. As the pilot flies up to the sky. So I began to understand the magic of the "Bernabeu". Читать полностью -->

Birmingham have lost the basic goalkeeper

Birmingham have lost the basic goalkeeperThe Belgian goalkeeper, "Birmingham" Nico Vaesen out of action until the end of the season. In yesterday's Premier League match against fellow countrymen from "Aston Villa" (2:0) he was seriously injured ligament of the knee. At the end of the meeting Vaesen fell and was carried off on a stretcher and immediately taken to hospital.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Berezovsky score only half the penalty spot

Berezovsky score only half the penalty spotAfter the attacking of "Alania" Michael Elvetia failed to score a penalty in gate of the Roman Berezovsky, on account of the goalkeeper of "Dynamo" and national team of Armenia was 9 reflected 11 - meter shots in the Championships of Russia. The same reflected only Ruslan Nigmatullin. However, Berezovsky is the most inconvenient beating goalie for the 11-meter. He is the only goalkeeper who teams didn't score for 13 penalties. To score against Berezovsky failed in exactly half the cases (13 of 26), which is the best result in the Russian Championships.Goalkeepers, whose gates are the most difficult to score a penalty (minimum 10 executed penalty)Fraternitatis penalty Osymvady%Roman BEREZOVSKY Zenit, torpedo, Dinamo M93-1132650,0 Dmitry TYAPUSHKIN Spartak, CSKA, Dinamo M6---61346,2 Alexander ZHIDKOV Ani-151145,5 Alexander POMAZUN Spartacus, Baltic, torpedo-ZIL, Saturn-161442,9 Victor GAUSS Krylya Sovetov, Lad--151241,7 Yuri SHISHKIN Ocean, Wings Sovetov--282040,0 Ruslan NIGMATULLIN KAMAZ, Spartak, Lokomotiv M9--2112839,3 Andrew NOVOSADOV KAMAZ, CSKA, Lokomotiv NN, Torpedo-ZIL-21112839,3 Sergei OVCHINNIKOV Lokomotiv---62030,0 Vladimir SAVCHENKO Rostselmash---51729,4 On - hit, s - bar, P - bar, M - past, - all missed penalties, % - the percentage of missed.Pavel OSIPOV. . Читать полностью -->

Bobby Robson: It's time to leave, but we want to return next year

Bobby Robson: It's time to leave, but we want to return next yearThe head coach of Newcastle's Bobby Robson after the defeat by Barcelona in the Champions League match with a score of 0 - 2 is already looking to the future."Performance in the Champions League this year was a great experience for us, " said Robson. - We played well, no one was afraid and did not concede in the class. Now, it's time to leave, but we want to return next year. I told my players that it was over. Needed to put everything aside to prepare better for the next season. The League is still ongoing and we must earn their place in the Champions League next year. Читать полностью -->

Kahn claimed Manchester United and Milan

Kahn claimed Manchester United and MilanAfter the Bayern coach Ottmar Hitzfeld said that the goalkeeper of the club in Munich Oliver Kahn may leave Germany because of excessive interest in his person journalists, two powerhouses drew attention to the goalkeeper, who was recognized the best player of the 2002 world Cup. We are talking about the English "Manchester United" and Italian "Milan", according to Газета.Ru. Sir Alex Ferguson must decide whether it remains in the team Fabien Barthez, who occasionally allows himself to make stupid mistakes. If they refuse services of the Frenchman, Kang can be a more than worthy replacement. We add that the goalkeeper "Milan", the Brazilian Dida, earlier this season, was interested in the Bars, and the leadership of the "red-black" team has made it clear that they are willing to sell the player.. . Читать полностью -->

SГЎez again have to make adjustments in the defense of the Spanish national team

SГЎez again have to make adjustments in the defense of the Spanish national teamMain Spain coach iГ±aki sГЎez will be forced once again to experiment with defensive orders team. In the last six games sГЎez used six different combinations of Central defenders. Now he has to make adjustments again, because of Elger disqualified and Puyol are injured. In training played defender for Valencia's Carlos Marchena and flick on "Deportivo" cГ©sar and most likely they will take to the field in Kiev."Weather and field will be somewhat unusual for us. If we want to succeed, we must show that these factors do not play for us value. We also have to understand that Ukraine is not only Shevchenko," said Marchena.After this match, on 2 April, the Spaniards will take the national team of Armenia. Читать полностью -->

CL. Arsenal - Roma: match report

CL. Arsenal - Roma: match reportRoma could not afford the second year in a row to fail the second group stage of the Champions League. This is very clearly stated Fabio Capello, the purpose of which was solely to win at Highbury. And this despite the fact that, as admitted by the Capello Arsenal is one of the strongest clubs of the Old world. However, such a result would not be supersensitive; London club tend to stumble at the most crucial moment, as it was last year, in the fifth game of the second group stage against Deportivo, which the gunners lost at home. Very much inspired fears Arsene Wenger, even the fact that this year Arsenal plays better away than at home. Читать полностью -->

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